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  1. inability of having sex
  2. Getting her out of my mind is impossible
  3. facebook prob
  4. Confused wid my gf beahaviour
  5. First Night Fear
  6. Dont love her but dont wanna lose her
  7. Confused about phone friend
  8. Fed up of being a virgin
  9. Parents mock at me
  10. Memory Card Problem
  11. Black eye circles
  12. period probs..urgent
  13. PlEaSe HeLp mE
  14. Her Dance classes are creating problems :(
  15. How can i break pre skin?
  16. Fighting with Cancer
  17. Dad driving me to suicide!
  18. Should I admit my love?
  19. To Meet her family or not?
  20. 27 & Still a Virgin....normal?
  21. Getting close to frnd
  22. Don't get an orgasm
  23. Surgery to bring hymen back..
  24. Inquiry about pregnancy
  25. Name on passport n certificates
  26. Marriage rules you should break
  27. Is my husband bored with me?
  28. Bend towards left
  29. My first love urgent
  30. Mom cheating on dad?
  31. She scorns my sexual capability
  32. Frustrated with her hubby
  33. Blood in urine
  34. Not yet discharged!
  35. Pregnant or what?
  36. Helplessly in love
  37. Feeling Insecure about my body.
  38. Which newspaper to read?
  39. Husband is strange
  40. Liver Infection
  41. Hair oil after bath
  42. Change of name
  43. He chews tobacco!
  44. How to transfer community ownership in Orkut?
  45. She wants to be friends only
  46. little problem abt weight watch
  47. Sex during pregnency
  48. want to make face thin
  49. Got pregnant and STD at a party
  50. My gf's behaviour has changed
  51. How To Know Whether She is interested Not??
  52. Broadband Problem
  53. Mom doesn't give me privacy at home..
  54. Dad talking to himself, I am worried!
  55. Girlfriend came back. Can i trust her?
  56. My wife hates me. What can I do?
  57. please answer
  58. Will I be seen as Characterless?
  59. Can swallowing sperms increase Haemoglobin?
  60. Bf wants physical relationship with me
  61. BF is always shouting at me
  62. I want to ask her to go out with me
  63. Boss ‘accidentally’ touches me
  64. I want to fight for love!
  65. Give me tips for best oral ever
  66. Too thin for pregnancy?
  67. want to know pregnancy conditions
  68. Thread posted
  69. In luv with sister in law?
  70. How can I get to meet my fiance?
  71. I Forced my girlfriend to have sex
  72. Have I turned into a Hypochondriac?
  73. Gfs bad breath issues
  74. Wife kissing my friend
  75. Cleaning Hair from arms
  76. Got A.D.D; getting marriage proposals
  77. How to talk of phone sex?
  78. Please help!!! My career is in jeopardy!!!!!
  79. I want this girl back in my life
  80. Some question on first time
  81. Oral sex
  82. Quit masturbating
  83. Had Sex During Period With GF
  84. I want to be an understanding partner but feel betrayed
  85. Married, but miss my boyfriend!
  86. Married cousin wants sexual relationship
  87. Query about mastrubation
  88. Wife always neglecting her duties
  89. Problem in sexual organ
  90. 98 Tips For Dating, Kissing, Love And Sex
  91. Self Satisfaction
  92. Should I join Tally?
  93. felling very depressed
  94. Can STD be spread by oral sex?
  95. Does gyming cause hydrocele ??
  96. How to have a penis enlargement?
  97. Does blushing mean he loves me?
  98. Where can I find counsellor?
  99. doubt
  100. Teacher making cheap, flirty comments
  101. Difference of opinion with my friend
  102. Curiousity about transsexual sex now making me feel guilty
  103. My friend is upset about her breakup...
  104. Want to lose weight by having supplements
  105. How to propose to her?
  106. Pregnancy test
  107. Dry Hairs
  108. Am I in love with my childhood friend?
  109. how to tell her
  110. Love or infatuation in office?
  111. Fiasco at job Interview: Career trouble
  112. help in sex
  113. My wife loses temper and hits me
  114. My wife has Bipolar
  115. Overweight and in love with a married man
  116. What his favorite sex position tells about him
  117. In love with a TV star
  118. Fiance wants me to browse porn sites
  119. Is my girlfriend ready for sex?
  120. gf is affarid of pregnancy
  121. The American girl or the Indian girl?
  122. help me mam..........?
  123. How long before I’m ready again?
  124. Want to speak with girl and propose her
  125. need help...
  126. Mother is against love marriage
  127. Healing After the Affair - 3 Tips to Overcome Infidelity in a Relationship
  128. Got Problem with my hairs
  129. When was Rakhi in 1942?
  130. Love marriage but parents declining
  131. Shoud I stay a virgin?
  132. orgasm too soon
  133. How to donate parts of the body?
  134. Top 10 Myths about men
  135. Shoulder pain cuz of masturbation?
  136. How much we should believe in horoscope (astrology)
  137. Fake breast and breast enlargement
  138. Pregnancy possible?
  139. Psychiatrist or Psychologist?
  140. What To Ask When Going To see Girl For Marriage ?
  141. Female cousin trying to come onto me
  142. Pain while masturbating
  143. Confused as don't feel like having sex lately.
  144. How do ask my friend for sex ?
  145. Not ready to give up on my marriage
  146. Addicted to Cigarette/Smoking
  147. Tension After Sex
  148. Feeling guilty and want to confess
  149. Wife showing no interest in sex after job
  150. Read wife’s explicit mails to ex
  151. Is GF too involved with her ‘friend’?
  152. Did she faint with pleasure?
  153. Is hubby overage for govt job?
  154. Want her back
  155. My boss is very arrogent
  156. My brother become introvert because of girl
  157. What if I am pregnant?
  158. Pregnancy possibility with pullout method? .....
  159. pregnancy test
  160. She had two abortions
  161. Pl give tips on skin care in summer
  162. Obesity and Short
  163. Real life sex vs reel life sex
  164. masturbation addiction
  165. Sister creating problems for the family
  166. Has my gf lost her virginity..??
  167. Confused between my present and ex boyfriend
  168. Too many guys bugging her
  169. What if she's pregnant?
  170. Will she be back
  171. How can viagra help in sex?
  172. Want some positive energy to re start life
  173. Is masturbation reason for hair los$!!!
  174. Pain in the knees after sex
  175. Can't deal with abortion
  176. Can't tolerate gf talking to anyone else!
  177. Tried but can't forget
  178. ex avoiding me after we last met.
  179. Shall I use Acai berry for weight loss?
  180. Some help
  181. Kissing commandments for everyone!
  182. Do guys prefer virgin or not?
  183. Want some space from husband
  184. Pl recommend a hair oil for men
  185. Choice between shaving/waxing armpits !!
  186. Want To Gain Weight
  187. girls coming n going,,bt i m still stuck wth her
  188. Pregnancy without proper penetration?
  189. ****les.......... HELP!!!
  190. Her over emotional issues are disturbing
  191. Totally fed up of my life
  192. Could I be infected with HIV/AIDS?
  193. Tips for Looking Good while Naked
  194. I think I'm sending the wrong signals
  195. Scared of being caught in my affairs
  196. Should i take it
  197. My wife forcing me to get into second marrige
  198. She'll have periods during weekend together!
  199. Am I weak due to ejaculation?
  200. Wife denies sex
  201. My GF got married!
  202. How do I reconcile with my ex?
  203. I have a prob
  204. The worst possible marital problems
  205. Ere ction problem
  206. Salutation while calling other time zone
  207. Suffering from hair loss
  208. Please help me with urination problem
  209. Feeling awkward to face aunt now
  210. painful to retract the foreskin
  211. Long distance relationship issues
  212. Help! Want to end ties with now married gf
  213. 4 Types Of Kisses Men Love
  214. Husband behaves quite badly
  215. Ostoporasis
  216. I am dying to lose weight
  217. Shall I reveal about past bf?
  218. Son developing a habit to fondle himself
  219. Do Girls prefer virgin boys?
  220. I had a lover in my past
  221. hi there want gentle answere
  222. Unable to have sex with wife after confession
  223. I don’t like my gf going for modelling
  224. Girl I love has too many responsibilities
  225. I am a father of Twins! Birth control options please?
  226. Sexual Impotence...home..remedies
  227. Hair problem
  228. Hubby’s neglect driving me towards another guy
  229. Fearing of sex
  230. Results in two days , Tension always.
  231. How to deal with pubic hair?
  232. problem
  233. Weak sperm
  234. IGES File reduction
  235. Wife not imterested in sex
  236. Parents upset cuz I want to marry someone
  237. Want to propose to divorced ex
  238. Masturbating!!
  239. my foreskin wont come back fully, is it serious..
  240. I want to spy on my husband
  241. Want a place to make out in
  242. I fantasise about women
  243. Please guide after 12th results
  244. 10 rules every man should follow
  245. Girl cousin seduced me
  246. Career Information please
  247. To have sex or not to have it?
  248. Result in two days, tension always-2
  249. no commitment in 6 years
  250. Confused with her SMSes