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  1. i need a personal advice...
    sbf moderation is so hectic n tiresome dat i feel exhausted after 3-4 hours of moderation n then i do it just to save my job...
    but i hv noticed dat all u old mods stay so fresh n energetic even after 12 hours of dispute n issue messed days...
    how do u handle d stress n stay so energetic since so many years???
    pls gimme d mod freshness formula...i appreciate d help in advance!
  2. hi ma'am .. u are here so late at night???
  3. [F]

    [a]All the people who participated

    a]THANK YOU >lovely pics

    []ALL friends plz vote for ur favorite PICTURE WITH CAPTION.[

    []last date to vote is FEB 29th.[T]

    [a]winner will be announced on march 1st[]
  4. fresher2010, shaad14, excel01
  5. hi ma'm..thnx a lot!!! u chose my cation for poll!!! thnq

    take care
  6. Ah, its a nice thread...will let it remain here and use on the home page!
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