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  1. Follow me on Twitter @Patel212
  2. Hi!!!! Why hav u stop posting in ur thread??? miss it
  3. thnxs man....
  4. happy bday bro!!!!!
  5. hey
    im good how about u
  6. hi how are u??
  7. oh it was just about the final as she also reached in 2007 but lost i was asking just r u nervous and all tht
    i didnt want to chat about im a big fan of yrs and all tht she heard it many times
  8. OKkkkkk.....
    what was the topic of ur chatting????
  9. naa tht wasnt tht time
    it was after winning the semis
    and yeah she was so happy
  10. She would be so happy after winning the title..........
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