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  1. nooo... pig is foul word... & he is infracted . so no worries....
  2. If someone called you an Indian pig, then you did not forgive him, did you?
  3. hey its okay... no issues... but aise hoye to plz forgive the person.. negative repz war is very bad..... after all our intention is to enjoy....
  4. No problem Sahar! it's nothing new to me here he thought I made that thread to provoke Indians while I posted the thread as a news only, though he was predetermined to abuse me like this as i found no offense from anybody else here about that thread!!
  5. arrey fuad i saw that guy's comment now.... i will give him a warning infraction.. he cant insult u like this.
  6. hii fuad.... actually nothing as such.. but u plz [pray for me.... i want to be one soon... plz pray...
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