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    jalpa this is my sbian cooking style thread-- plz check ur pm
  2. hii!!
    *create an account in image sharing site

    *u ahve privacy options there u set on private--no one can see ur images

    *upload ur pics in that site.


    this is image icon on sbf.. click this icon

    * copy"direct link" of ur image from photosharing site

    *paste in sbf


    *submit reply
  3. I have no idea how to upload pics on this site .... :S
  4. !! InTeRNaTiONaL integrity-- All R iNViTeD!!

    plz add atleast 5 posts of pictures & description of ur country--(even if ur country has already been described--plz give ur own description from ur point of view)

    i wud really really be grateful to u--THNQQQ

    u r the only one frm canada i know-- u havv to add-- no escape
  5. have aptienec & keeep walking.everything will be fine
  6. Hey you ... long time ... I'm okay ... how are you doing? Anything new and exciting? My life is same old boring boring boring .... I would like to have some excitement in my life but God has no plans of that it seems like... :{
  7. hi jalpa... h ru??
  8. no dear jalpa... nevr loose faith & hope...

    yeh parents r like tta... even i cud nevre serve this purpose of theirs... m still unsetted & my dad's still worried abt me... there r no miracles tat we can do..

    just be patient.. u havnt done anything wrong on perpose & this brings peace of mind 2 u...


    life's tough for some peopele... but maybe god knows u r tough & u can handle it..


    hows ur job hunt goin?
  9. Thank you in advance for the prayers ...

    Yeah you're right ... Im lucky I saw his true colours before it was too late ... but its still hard ... my parents don't say this, but I know that they would want a grand-child and a happy family for me ... its just too bad that I cant give it to them ...

    Allah is watching over me, I know ... but he doesnt help in making my life any better...
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