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  1. okay..
    I ll check it & revert back wid a reply.

    No need getting sad about it...
    just asked coz I felt dat way reading ur posts..
  2. Whatsapped..................
  3. Then may be that was a rumor..
    He handles ecology pretty well
  4. Ecology..
    Yea, dat he can manage.

    Pub ad..bull $ hit..he never teaches political subjects ever.
  5. Lol I meant ecology..
    But I heard he teaches pub ad too :shocking:
  6. Manocha is teaching economics these days...!???
  7. No thanx.. I wud rather revise manocha's eco notes..
    GD too is a lot quieter place after elections..
  8. The worst occurrence of the day: UPSC withholds notifications.. D.P Agarwal probably wants the changes to be approved by the new cabinet before making them public.. I was waiting for 17 th May as eagerly as modi was waiting for 16th
  9. tty on Tuesday then..
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