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  1. can give the flowers.....
  2. Hi there! All tell!!!
  3. hi r u
  4. don't know maam....but this cow was crying in the middle of the street...when i asked her who's her owner it named i brought it to u....plz feed her maam she looks so famished...
  5. You know that there is an expression in Hindi called, "laut ke budhoo ghar ko aaye" this cow named " budhoo"?
  6. maam apni gaaye wapas paake khush nai hue aap
  7. hi maaaaaaaam

    aapki gaaye aapko dhoondh rahi thi

  8. Oh, Thank you my dear! And I wish the same to you! LOTS of wonderful, faithful friend in your life!
  9. Not as yet, thank God! Don't think I want to either. Still, the subject is pretty fascinating!
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