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  1. Thats a good idea...ill just look at it! Why should i be naraz with you silly boy? Just looked at the visitors messages, now only!
  2. Yup it was stable 4 a along with back n knee pain i'm down with fever...there's some problem in left is paining a lot...can't even rub i when it itches...but there's no colour change or swelling n because of that i'm having headaches...there's pain in right side of ribs...
  3. Thats too bad specially since you were on the mend for quite sometime!
  4. Yup it some sleep after 3 is heading southward again...
  5. Oh NO!!
    Thats too bad, really!
  6. Maam my insomnia is back again to haunt me again
  7. Yup they r as bright as u
  8. Yaaaaaaa!!
  9. Wow u changed your avtar
  10. A cute ulloo
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