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  1. thank u a lot ma'am for answring my question, thanks a lot.
  2. Please ask your questions in the agony Aunt thread!!!
  3. hi maam,

    i am 20 m, weight 71 kgs, height 5'11". i am in college 1st yr, i have lot of questions to ask,

    1. as my hols are on i am back home and i have nothing to do over here, i have started masturbathing nearly 2 times a day, just because i have nothing to do and i keep getting bored, i try controlling my self but in vain, will that effect my pleasure while having sex, and most of the times when i masturbathe i ejaculate in 15 secs, why is that, i believe in normal condition one should take it on till at least 7 mins.

    2. as being 5 11 i am very thin, i try putting on weight, i try having more food but still it does not work, i wanna build up my body. i used to go to a gym when my college was on but since the exams started i had to stop it. tell me what kinda diet should one have to build up proper body and proper mussels

    thanks in advance

    please dont disclose mah name, plz plz
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