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  1. hi ma' are you

    hope you remember me...its been a very long time since i spoke to you...
  2. you asked me to report...

    here's a thread where things r not going fine...
  3. Hi!
    You know, its nice of you to be concerned about the AA section, but my dear, the mods are doing a good job of keeping it in order.
    Of course, unnecessary arguments are detrimental, and so we do appreciate that you point them out to the mods so that they can take appropriate action.
  4. its a beautiful morning ma'am
  5. Yes......whassup?
  6. maam maam maam
  7. u workin today also maam...????

    maam i posted a few pics of different skylines taken by me...pls. have a look at them
  8. H'lo there! Doing good?
  9. uh Oh! take care! drink lots of fluids! get well soon!!
  10. Hello to you too!!!
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