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  1. thank u frnd.
    WC2011 Champions India, Congrats and cheerssssssssss
  2. Hey man! Thanks for all the Wishes! I am truly sorry for not being proactive at responding as i don't check my account on SB with such frequency.

    I really appreciate that you still remember me and try to keep in touch
    I hope you enjoy any upcoming occasions and wish you the best in advance! lol

    take care eh!

  3. SHER chuphkar shikar nahi karate, BUJHDIL kabhi khulkar var nahi karate, aur HAM vo hai jo "HAPPY DIWALI" kahane ke liye 5 Nov ka intejar nahi kar sakte............."HAPPY DIWALI".
  4. eid mubarak dilmir bhai
  5. hi engineer, after long time, very happy to see u.....
  6. enjoying sbf all the time.........
  7. Thanks bro, what you upto these days?
  8. Merry X-mas and Haapy new Islamic year and Happy new year 2009 Engineer.............
  9. thank u dear.........
  10. Nice!! Congrats man.
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