you are the one..who stole my heart

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  1. basanti<<<

    I think of you, no more as a simple love...
    but my love, hopefully my great, true love.
    A love that fills my heart like noone else does.
    Miss you when youre not around, hope to hear your
    warm words when you come about.

    My heart warms just to your sight, to any single word
    that leaves your lips.
    You are the only one who can fill the void in my heart

  2. basanti<<<

    The way I blush when I think of you,
    The way I smile when I remember your words-
    The way I almost wanna pass out when someone mentions you-

    The way I wanna go to bed early,
    Just so I can dream of you-

    I'm just like every other girl,
    Who's ever wanted to be held by someone else-
    And I'm just like every story,
    Hoping for a love-filled ending-

    Because I'm human too,
    And I somehow still feel-
    After all I've been through,
    I still feel love-

    Already sharing our life stories,
    I'm not alone anymore-
    And I love you,
    And you love me too...

  3. DesiCasanova
  4. basanti<<<
    I wondered if you could hear my heart in your sleep,
    Recognize the smell of my skin in your dreams,
    Touch my lips when you wake up,
    And whisper in my ears while I sleep.

    I pondered all that as you fell asleep to my heartbeat,
    Breathing softly on my chest with one of your hands still feeling me.
    And when I wake up it was your lips,
    Or maybe it's all just a dream.

    But when I declared "I love you",
    I could feel your lips at my ear,
    Whispering the sweet melody,
    Of everything I ever wanted to hear.

  5. basanti<<<

    Can i ask you to open up your arms
    and let me fall into them.

    Place your hand in mine please
    i need to feel you here.

    Touch my cheek softly to take the tears away
    Let them kiss your finger tips.

    And if you're brave enough to face me,
    Take the poison away with your Lips...
  6. MarHin
    simply beautiful sugar sis
  7. basanti<<<
    love is in the air

    Is this real?
    This feeling, this…desire
    To be held close to you,
    To have your arms encircling my waist in a never ending embrace.
    To feel your warm breath tickle my ear.
    I lose my senses as I gaze lovingly into your soft eyes.
    You halt my breath with tender kisses.
    When I'm with you I have meaning.
    When I'm with you I'm protected.
    When I'm with you I'm…loved.
    This is love…I'm sure of it.

    Love is in the air
    can you see it?
    can you feel it?
    That feeling,
    its love
    Love, pure as can be
    This love,
    coming from me to you,
    and you to me,
    cherish the feeling,
    you never know
    when it may be taken away
    Love is in the air
    cherish the feeling
    of love, purest love
    Love is in the air....

  8. basanti<<<

    kiss me

    When you look,
    At me,
    When you lean in and,
    Your lips touch mine...
    I get this feeling,
    One that can only be called,

    Your lips are so inviting,
    There's no way you can hide it,
    When you want to kiss me
    Hold me tight in your arms,
    Don't ever let me go,

    I love you more,
    Than I could ever show once, again,
    Because I never want,
    Your kisses to end

    When I look,
    At you,
    The passion in your eyes,
    Draws me so close...
    And I get this feeling,
    But I don't need to tell you,
    You already know...
    Hold me tight in your arms,
    Don't ever let me go,

  9. basanti<<<

    There he stood; tall, broad-shouldered, his blonde-white hair buzzed short and a dorky smile on his face.That grey fedora he loved so much as tipped down to shadow his blue eyes, which sparkled mischievously and hinted at some dastardly scheme. And I loved it.

    It wasn't a special date; we were just hanging out.I gazed upon my boyfriend."honey." The way he said made me instantly smile.He looked around

    it was pretty crowded with people,I stared at him. What was he doing?! He cleared his throat, gave me a grin,

    and opened his arms wide. "honey!" he declared, his voice booming throughout the crowd. "Will you be my Valentine?"

    My cheeks turned bright red. The whole crowd was silent,How could he do that to me?! I wanted to hit him,

    and yet I wanted to hold him tight. It was sweet, but SO embarrassing!
    I stood upclearing my throat and trying to steady my nerves; I never liked being the center of attention.

    I put my hands on my hips and gave him a smirk. "Idiot. Did you even have to ask?"

    Laughter and cheers came as he hopped off the table and gave me a great big hug, which I happily returned.

    "You know," I commented, "That's gonna be hard to beat in the future."

    He smiled, and held me close. "Not really. One day I'll propose to you instead." he whispered in my ear.

    Is that a promise?" I asked slyly. "I'll never have another Valentine." he assured me.

    "Be my Valentine?" he asked once more.

    "Always." I responded.

  10. DesiCasanova
  11. DesiCasanova
    Thus it will be; slender arrows are lodged in my heart,
    and Love vexes the chest that it has seized
    Shall I surrender or stir up the sudden flame by fighting it?
    I will surrender - a burden becomes light when it is carried willingly
  12. DesiCasanova

    Even though you’re here
    Your lips feel so far away
    I miss kissing you…

  13. DesiCasanova
    Conversation starts
    Eyes meet, hearts race, here we are
  14. DesiCasanova
    Asleep in your arms
    You exhale the breaths, I breathe
    I sleep to heartbeats
  15. DesiCasanova
    Your voice once I craved
    now the silence comforts me
    no worries, nothing.
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