Castle season 4 spoilers

  1. goku91ster
    ‘Castle’ is preparing for a high-profile return this September, but stars Nathan Fillion and Seamus Dever have let out some details on a trio of holiday-themed episodes.

    Martha (Susan Sullivan) has been tight-lipped about Castle’s father so far, but Fillion is quoted as saying “she knows who the dad is.” That’s pretty non-committal, especially considering the minor daddy drama that’s come before. Expect some kind of reveal in the coming season around the Christmas episode.

    NYPD detective Kevin Ryan will tie the knot in a Valentine’s episode next February. Ryan (Seamus Dever) has been in a long-term relationship with Jenny and a wedding episode will see the pair hitched, with resultant best man drama between Castle and Esposito. “We always have to do a romantic episode as a tie-in to the return of The Bachelor,” says Dever. Here’s a special bit of trivia for Castle fans: Jenny is played by actress Juliana Dever – Seamus’ real wife.
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