Ohh Yes...Men Men Men Men Manly Men...:-)

  1. Colonel Hannibal Smith
    Colonel Hannibal Smith
    Lemme start the first discussion...
    Do u think Charlie Sheen can be replaced in the show by an Ashton Kutcher...
    i know ashton's cute n comic timin' n all..but Charlie!!!??
    & will Rose find ashton hoenst, witty n hunky enough to stalk him n fall head over heels for him!????

    Bring on the views n feelings about dis funeral openin' dis season 9!!
  2. ignoramusenator
    Ashton belongs to movies man
  3. sens
    thnx for invi... col.
  4. MarHin
    I am not that into that show!
    Please don't kill me.
    But thanks Bush!
  5. ♥»вlυεвεггγ«♥
    I never seen this show
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