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  1. ignoramusenator
    Guys, well i want to open a discussion abt our section

    Its a question, called 'ODD ONE OUT'

    General Discussion
    Bollywood section
    International Celebrities
    Mobile & Gadgets
    Regional Celebrities
    Chitchat Centre

    Tell me which section you found odd in the above list and why?

    also tell me which section admin should add, which will attract other users here.

  2. iamyoursumo
    i think we should have a health doesn't come under any of the mentioned sections
    i also wanted to suggest fashion...but "health" kind of looks missing
  3. galaxy_resident
    SBF gets heavy traffic in the IC and BC sections, it can be chanelled if IC and BC sections are split into two sections 'Celebrity Candids' and 'Celebrity Photoshoots'. 'Celebrity Candids' can have street pics of celebrities, award functions pics etc. 'Celebrity Photoshoots' can have lingerie photoshoots, or magazine scans etc.
  4. iamyoursumo
    ye toh subsection hue....raste badal kar faida kya agar jana udhar hi ho
  5. basanti<<<
    music video sections can be merged ....
  6. basanti<<<
    science technology/health
  7. sens
    i feel a need of fashion & diet & health.....

    when someone has fashion show pics... the person is too much confused as to where to add...
  8. avdhesh
    Fashion as of now goes mostly to BC or IC. I do not see many takers for Diet and health. Masses here are for entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. There still remains a lot of room where we can work on existing sections. And once we stabilize those sections we can then look towards path ahead.
  10. sens
    Hmmm thats right sir.
  11. Colonel Hannibal Smith
    Colonel Hannibal Smith
    first up music & videos should be merged n the new section should be renamed 'Online Videos'...offcourse online videos can include both music videos, audios & other videos in different genres!

    new section should be 'Bikes & Cars'...neither GD nor CCC covers dis extremely potential section...
    everythin' 4m car concepts to wallpapers to modifications to sale n purchase advices to management advices n problems to vintage appeals to both guys n gals n can be managed easily wid huge net source n database!

    another idea can be online games section...just to ease off mood once in a while & let gamers enjoy chats playin' simple games!
  12. iamyoursumo
    Online Game Section ki jarurat nahi hai bhai has a flash game section na
  13. Colonel Hannibal Smith
    Colonel Hannibal Smith
    @ sumo : i feel videos n music sections need a merger to online videos section...
    if bikes n cars isnt an inerestin' proposition...i am not sure about sbf policies for experimentation...
    but bets & contests section generates mass response n traffic over da official websites...each user can be given a starting virtual sbf dollars amount...dey can place bets over anythin' from match results to ccc chats to any other interest filelds like box office projections n daily issues...
    experimentation is risky...but if it pays pays off bigtime in certain sections!
  14. iamyoursumo
    what u are saying bro is more on the farmville cityville games....if we are starting a game section, we need to have it better than the existing ones.... lets see what avi has to say
  15. ~ b e l l a ~
    ~ b e l l a ~
    I feel a need to make sub sections in the movies section. Hollywood needs to be seperated from Bollywood!
    That being said. A "Lifestyle" Section for fashion, health, inspirational and luxury items!
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