sbf oscar awards 2011

  1. basanti<<<
    so here are results on 31st as we going in 2012

    congratulate all who entertained us all through 2011

    everybody contributed in small or big way

    even single nomination worth of applause


    nearly 30 ppl nominated in 13 categories

    in some category like actress,producer, director, debut male/female ,techno ,life timeachievement we had winners with great majority

    in some category tough competition .. like actor, dialogue,comedian, music..

    and no doubt iggy and amit came out most popular as they were nominated heavily in different caegories like actor,director,comedy,dialogue,lifetime achievement

    thnxs to all for taking interest and nominating your favourites !!!!

  2. ignoramusenator
    awesome, i ll invite them to hall of fame
  3. basanti<<<
    congo to all.... all of your name printed in history of sbf

    iggum manages things so well......
  4. basanti<<<
    tunu's behalf........

    thats WOW...thanks everyone...i wanna thank my mom for giving me motivation,my friends for all their support and my internet provider for 24 hours high speed connection ..and now sorry guys..tears dont let me continue my speech..Tunu loves you all sob..sob...

    (perfect oscar speech na?)
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