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  1. mamu.zi
    Ask me anything on Symbian [s60 v1, v2, v3]
  2. koolboy1994
    hey .. wassup ??
    which cellphone u all use ??
    i use Nokia N70 Music Edition and Nokia 6125
    Will buy Nokia N95 8GB and Nokia N96 INSHAALLAH
  3. hotspicyhot
    I am using Nokia 3230
  4. nirzz
    hi m new 2 dis thread,m using nokia 6500 slide..gr8 mob
  5. hotspicyhot
    Welcome to Group

    I want to read PDF documents on Mobile. Is it Possible with s60 ? If yes Which is Best Freeware ?
  6. sanjeetkumar495
    I Can Help One With Symbian S60 V3 Os 9.1 Softwares And Games
    Can Mail Me....
  7. mamu.zi
    free mobile s60 pdf viewers are available. with adobe... free download from homesite.... just register once.... other paid version wares also availables..... e.g pdf+...
  8. mamu.zi
    m also using 3230....
  9. wannabebuddy
    i currently use a motorazr2 v8...
  10. hotspicyhot
    Asus P320

    At first glance,the P320 from Asus looks like a slightly scaled-down version of the HTC Touch. But it offers a more premium version than the Touch. Measuring just 13.4mm at 105grams,the P320 is the smallest Windows Mobile powered device that we have come cross.The phone is available in two colours, jet-black and pearl-white. The phone features seven buttons and a circular navigation button. Although the circular navigation button resembles the iPod clickwheel it does not function in the same manner.You can perform four-way navigation with the same. There is a dedicated 'Start' and an 'Ok' button that invokes the Start Menu and closes the application window respectively.A service indicator light is present on the top of the phone that lets you know whether the phone is in network range. The P320 is powered by a TI OMAP 850 (201MHz) processor and runs on Windows mobile 6.1.The P320 boasts 128MB ROM and 64MB RAM and accepts microSD and microSDHC as expandable memory.On the wireless connectivity front,the tiny P320 is loaded to the hilt with built-in GPS.It also features Bluetooth,Wi-Fi,and supports USB cable connectivity. The P320 also has an integrated 2- megapixel camera that captures decent pictures and videos. The phone is a 2.6in touch-screen and at times you do feel the need for a QWERTY keypad. But since it is Windows based,you can install many free soft-keyboard applications that are QWERTY based and have large characters. The P320 comes installed with some pretty nifty applications like "Asus Status Settings" and "Call Filter" that lets you block those pesky afternoon sales calls.There's also a Pocket Office application that comprises of Word,Excel,PowerPoint, OneNote,and a PDF viewer. Asus has a real killer Smartphone in its arsenal with the P320.The icing on the cake is the price at which this phone can be pocketed.For just Rs.12K,we believe the P320 is one of the best buys around for people looking for a Smartphone with good looks and performance.
  11. wannabebuddy
    hey i got a motorokr e8 and its cool!!!
    joined the too a mobile fanatic
    My mobile>>>>>> N82:

    1. Connect directly from mob to TV and do ur stuff in the big screen
    2. 5MP Carl Ziess camera
    3. WLAN
    4. Its very own GPS
    5. Maps
    6. Bluetooth
    7. Infrared
    8. Mini USB Port

    and lots more
  14. koolboy1994
    cool phone BADDY ...
    mine is N70 Music edition wid helluva cool features
  15. addeell
    HI to all of you......
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