Need for Lokpal in SBF, Please discuss Seriously

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  1. ignoramusenator
    Dear Members,

    Instead of spoiling and mood of forum by occupying on the General Discussion on 'need for Lokpal in SBF'
    I request you to discuss it here and find out a solution among all members amicably.
    We will inform admin our collective decision and they might act on it!

    But, Kindly not forget, SBF APAL to ZPAL is admin! Anythin discussed here shall require their approval before applying it!
  2. invincible07
    i don't think it is necessary...though it is a tempting idea but still an un necessary one...

    main reason is only one or two users have problems with the action taken by the mods...if bulk of the users were having the problems with mods working then it could have been a debatable suggestion still not a practical one to be implemented...
  3. ignoramusenator
    Agreed, its normal some members have complaints against moderation. Well as moderators we have to attend these. And find solutions.
    Well, there has been some actions which needed further correction, we had done that and we will keep on doing it!

    @group: Please subscribe to this group.
  4. hotfuntalk
    I give one example:

    Some discussion will be going on, a user might not like the other's remarks and will sort of target the said user through groups, friends, and friends include mods too, by reporting certain activities of the person he or she does not like.

    There starts a the fued fuel.

    The mod being a friend and also a mod would certainly feel that a certain post should be deleted, most of the cases, when two users do not like each other, the owner of the thread reports it to a mod and the post is deleted.

    And when the same happend to me, ie when I wanted the MOD to delete certain posts which I feel were inappropriate in the thread were not deleted.

    I can show you many a example where unreasonable personal remarks in the threads created by me are still there.

    IF they do not exist, then they would be deleted after reading this post of mine.

    Deletions hoti hain, aur jin jinke friends mod hote hain woh bewajah infractions dete hain.

    I can show you proof of it, lot of infractions have expired too, hope I find them in PM messages.

    Have other concerns too, but would end this post with one new concern:

    Suggestion box which was recently renamed as complaint box too had some complaints in the past one day, and today that suggestion/complaint box is closed.

    I had suggested that I open a thread stating that we ask users in the OPEN FORUM as to whether users need a a LOKPAL for the forum, for which veeru paaji said no need, and now a seperate discussion is going on in a group why?

    Please tell.
  5. gracefulguy
    I think the basic idea of creating something as vague as lokpal on SB, because someone has deleted someone's post looks nothing more than hilarious.......
    secondly, it comes from a person who has always been most controversial in his commnts and unapologetic in his disrespectful cmmnts to other members.........females included
    I think it is trash.........and much time has been wasted discussing it......
  6. passion_unlimitedd
    I agree with Invi & Grace ...
  7. ignoramusenator
    Guys, please note, Spammers thread has been moved back to Bolly section. Keep reporting spams!
  8. DesiCasanova
    I agree with Invi & Grace....
  9. ignoramusenator
    1 suggestion came up was:

    1) Posting the original thread on a repost, before deleting it! This will avoid a lot of confusion. also members who knw a thread is a repost, kindly post the original thread link on reposted one!
  10. invincible07
    Agree with Grace
  11. hotfuntalk

    Dear Mr Admin:

    Mereko lagta he ki kuch changes ke jarurat he.

    Ek SUPER MODERATOR ki jarurat he jo mods ki nigraani karein.

    Aur woh SUPER MOD should be a neutral and unbiased one when it comes to judging the actions of mods, who has less contact with users, as if a person is close to every other user, then chances of decisions becoming biased will automatically rise.

    1. Ager users ko ek dusre se takleef ho toh they can contact the mods.
    2. When such users have a complaint about the action taken by mods, then then can complain to SUPER MOD.
    3. SUPER MOD will look into the matter thoroughly and settle the matter, in the most unbiased way.
    4. Such a SUPER MOD should be active but not totally into posting threads, as they wont have time to do such SUPER MOD work.

    I suggest that I be made as SUPER MOD so that I can keep an eye on the activities of the mods and then complain to Admin when the mod becomes really agressive and/or abusive.

    One more suggestion would be like Roger said, mods should be changed cyclically so that users should not feel pressurised all the time, as most of the users think that existing mods have some kind of grudge, which might be partially or wholly true.

    As everybody knows, I seldom make threads, I have ample time to look into matters which involve friction of users with mods behaviour.

    Hope you consider this seriously.


  12. amitsush
    martin as super moderator hhahahha

    u have maximum no of infractions and bans , maximum no. of fake ids , what is gurantee that u won't take revenge from mods who have banned u

    its like making raja bhaiya as jail mantri
  13. avdhesh
    Lokpal is a basic idea to take on corruption. Does corruption exist in SBF? Can anybody dictate his terms? Leave aside Mod and Leaders, I cannot dictate unless I have backing of the community. Lokpal is there to check mistakes. Are mistakes corrected in current system? Yes, there is already a clear process where MOD's decisions are overruled and my team is good in accepting the mistakes.

    Super mods, I already have a closed circle whom I look upto whenever issues arise and I am glad that I am guided in right direction always. With so many users, the process cannot be approved by 100% of the people and every process will have objections. But we need to be sure that majority of the user believe in what we do and we are quick to accept mistakes whenever they are committed by us.

    Personal issues, they will remain there no matter what system you adopt. We remain to see that our designation is no way intimidating to the fellow users.
  14. passion_unlimitedd
    So Martin u have always had this ambition of becoming a Mod or a Super Mod ?

    Both Martin and Deepak is not being able to understand the simple fact that reversing an infraction is the acceptance of a mistake. Whenever we feel a mistake is committed we discuss and make corrections.

    I see Iggi is 100% right what he said in the Suggestion thread ...
  15. invincible07
    hope after avi's reply there won't be any further demands for lokpal or super mod or asst. admin..

    @ passion : That's same thing i was trying to make them understand yesterday...reversal of an action in itself is the acceptance of demand a mod to apologize to satisfy one's ego is not right and cannot be justified...

    martin you have to understand system works perfectly if we let it work in the first place...if for one problem you create threads in different sections then vm every one including the mods and again making threads if decision is not in your favor and badmouth out mods and term system is biased then how will the system will work doing so you are surely pissing off a lot of people...which includes mods in sbf membership is voluntary...and mods have also taken the responsibility voluntarily...
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