How to fight 0 pixel image spam?

  1. avdhesh
    Offlate you will see many posts from new users which contain very less text. They will look like normal encouraging posts but these may be spam posts.
    To check if the user is a spammer or not, click on the user and check "View Forum Posts".
    If he is a spammer, you will see image like as text on the next page and that link will be there with every post.

    How to clear the mess?
    On user forum posts page, click "Inline Mod" link present at right and click "Select All".
    Now all posts have been selected, now go to the bottom of the page and click "Moderation Tools", select option "Delete as spam" and click "Proceed" button.
    On next page, select "Delete other posts and threads started by the affected users" and "Ban these users" option. Click Proceed.
    Give "Spam" as reason for ban and here we go.
  2. veeru paaji
    veeru paaji
    will follow sir
  3. rishabhd
    thnx sir kar dala apply
  4. basanti<<<
    thnx sir maine bhi kar dala apply ..but better if mods do we cant select all post only our sections posts..
  5. ignoramusenator
    thanks avi jee

    but wat do they get from dis kind of spamming?, there is everyday a lot many.
  6. DesiCasanova
    they might be getting money i guess, , really lots of them everyday..
    i use the same method :d
    thanks avi ji
  7. avdhesh
    They are doing it for SEO purposes because as such they are not posting any links.
  8. amitsush
    avi ji why don't u give mods /leaders all the sections, i am facing lots of problem , i have to manually uncheck the posts of preeto mam sections, posts of that section sction shouldn't b selected when i use select all option , can't waste so much time on spammers
  9. galaxy_resident
    I agree with Amit and Basanti, we have to manually select the posts which are of our sections .......but anyways, applied!
  10. ~ b e l l a ~
    ~ b e l l a ~
    what is seo???????

  11. sens

    hi sir!!!

    thnx for info...
    i had observed that long back... they do appear like normal posts...

    but then any new member posting i had started checking the way u have told.. & clearing the spam... have been doing already!!
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