Bollywood sections discussion on merging deleting threads

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  1. basanti<<<
    what we are following till now..

    1-event thread one thread [for all kinds]
    2- no watermark, only featured like different pics of same actors or actress [not in case of event or magazine photoshoot] ,allowed

    thts why i had deleted DC thread in which no watermark pics of events were posted.

    3-since hq photoshoot pics generally released late so .hq pics [of photoshoot of magazine only] allowed ,it happened in past also .. double,.sagar.and few others posted hq pic later i never merged it with original one..
    .its also done as adding of new hq pics in the thread which is on 2nd or third page is not useful and kind of waste

    still lets discuss it in admin/mod place and clear once for all..

    since there arises many confusion among leaders and mods better..

    lets discuss and modify and fix rules for smooth working...
  2. basanti<<<
    here confusion is about watermark ..HQ pics threads of different categories like or other photoshoots.. featured ..or ca be best 10 or 15 pics of certain actors or actress few cases pics may be repeated.
  3. amitsush
    watermarked and unwatermarked, HQ and Low quality, so how many thread we can have for same pics

    ur that thread is total repost of surya's thread with only HQ pics

  4. basanti<<<
    amit photoshoot pics 5-6 hi hoti hai or same hi hoti hain.. pehle bhi HQ pics ka thread alag hi rakha gaya hai..
    photoshoot ke no watermark pics bahot rare hi release hote hain
    BTW yahan mere thread ki bat nahi hai..

    basically i want to fix it that no confusion arise in future,,watever all decide
  5. amitsush
    if u remeber amisha lovers ne HQ pics post kiya tha amisha ke lekin tumne se low quality pics ka thread banaya hua tha , dono ko merge kar diya gaya tha same pics ki wajah se

    why u want different thread according to quality of pics , why anyone want to c same pics again , phir to repost ka concept kaam hi nahin karna chahiye aise mein
  6. funky_sam
    basanti, what is the use of having same threads on one topic ?

    my suggestion:

    if pics are same then delete the thread
    if pics are hq, unwater mark, something then it should be merged to parent thread

    if we allow such threads now then every user will have 10 threads on one topic, which is not cool

    agree with amit, if you remember amishalovers user hQ pics thread was merged into your low quality pics thread
  7. basanti<<<
    amit sam... give me amisha thread link plz really dont remember so want to see it again..

    i agree sometimes judgement may be faulty due to confusion thats why want to clear it..

    @ amit ,sam..i dont want it ..i just want to fix rules..

    i dont want 10 threads on it..

    my suggestion

    i thread for normal size pics and 1 for HQ + nowatermark hq >> that too only for photoshoots ,not events


    1- user demand for HQ pics ..noticed many times
    2[ - hq pics generally relesed late no use of merging fresh hq pics in original thread which can be on 2nd third page till then .
    3- separately posted HQ pics attracts more users though they have seen earlier too but they never complain of reposting that my experience thats why i never merge hq photoshoot thread with other..


    other issue is ..

    my objection of rachana maurya .madushalini 's ec numerous threads in bollysection ..those basically belong to regional section
    want to know ur views too for it ..

    .......would like to see other suggestion /objections and discussion over it..
  8. basanti<<<
    surya pm posting here he is still not added in this group ..plz add him

    sorry for the late response ..i am not a member at mod and admin section..
    vm and suggestion box are open place...tat y i am using pm...
    -now coming to the 1st point of HQ pics,I have more UHQ pics of shruti hassan's maxim magazine scan,
    so is it necessary to create another thread containing UHQ pics???
    -coming to the point of basu ,that my thread is at 2nd/3rd page ,so thread viewers remain less comparing to her new HQ i have more HQ and UHQ pics of each and every thread of 2nd/3rd/4th/5th is it necessary to create same threads again and again??
    -now coming to the point of user's demand about HQ pics-if another member create a thread with HQ pics,what is the use/value of parent thread or who created the threads??? ..let do one thing ask the member (who created the parent thread) to create the thread with HQ pics??
    -coming to the point rachana mourya n madhu salini-both are working in bolly and south films and active in page 3 parties/photo shoot events of bollywood..
    once basu told me that the celebs who are working both in bolly and south films,then the general photoshoot can be posted in bolly section...(check our vm convo)..
  9. amitsush
    group owner can only invite him

    and surya is right , just bcoz no one will notice u on 3-4th page so start making same thread with HQ pics , can't u find something new to post

    suddenly every one starts making separate threads of hq pics which we have already scene in low quality then this kind of thing is not healthy for that section
  10. funky_sam
    @ basu, we can have one mega thread for HQ pics

    example now shruthi hassan thread is der

    user1: starts a thread with watermarks and low resolution
    user2: high resolution with watermarks
    user3: high resolution no watermarks
    user4: high definition pictures
    user5: HD wallpapers

    so what is the use of having so many threads on same topic ?

    we can add all pictures in same thread and edit title by "HQ pics on page 2" / "HQ+un watermark added" something like that
  11. basanti<<<
    first of all surya it is not about this individual case.. i was thinking of this discussion for sometime..when DCji objected..discuss generally..

    1- already i suggested of 2 threads first normal and other for hq,uhq etc ..[if hq released many time doesnt]
    2- thats what i was saying as soon as thread move to 2nd page viewrship drops drastically..u can update ur thread wth hq in time but you will have better option to post new thread with HQ,UHQ pics ..or whoever find it first,.
    what if user other than leaders post hq pics and that thread merged with parent one on 2nd or third page..justified?
    3- up to that time parent thread wud already get lots of viewrs..

    4- i leave it on others to decide as well about rachana maurya nd madhu shalini.. in my opinion they are not lead actresses ..
    1-2 thread once in a whle ok ..but offlate i have seen floodind of these threads ..
    rest watever others decide ,no objection
  12. basanti<<<
    @ sam.. we can have megathread but problem is
    1-after few days nobody wud visit it .
    2- burden wud be on thread owner ..cuz as soon as u wud start merging all hq thread in it [of other users ] they will stop posting thts the fact
    3- for month of posting ..viewrship will be reflected in monthy stats ..but for next month will not
    4- result of above point monthy viership stats will fall drastically where as we and admin want to push it up

    5- i want to highlight a point of aviji that fresh content should be on first page as far as possible as it favours viewrship also

    that is the reason bumping of threads of last months prohibited or discouraged in other section too specially GD
  13. funky_sam
    ^ then simple, as i suggested in above post, merge the thread with original one and edit title
  14. basanti<<<
    @ amit i respect ur concern .. problem can be solved if parent thread owner himself/herself update it with HQ
    but in any case someother user post it meanwhile [ parent owner can be absent or may be irregular] ..should discouraged merging
    waise bhi HQ photoshoot month main ate hi kitne hain ..5-6 max
  15. basanti<<<
    editing of title cant bring it on first page..... as i said earlier too its about only photoshoots that too released max 7-8 in a month ..that wont clutter the section considering that thread numbers also on drop
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