CONTEST : Kaala kaala chashma contest-''

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    CONTEST : Kaala kaala chashma contest-''- winners announced!

    Consolidated results:

    1. Most Charming Chashma (male)

    Winner: Atul
    Runner up: Miskozee

    2. Most Adorable chashma (female)

    Winner: Sweetmimi and Barbie (tie)
    Runner up: Sush

    3. Cute and Candy chashma (m/f)

    Winner: Bala
    Runner up: Sush

    4. Detective Chashma

    Winner: Galaxy
    Runner up: Chetan / Albert Pinto

    5. Don/ Dayan Chashma:

    Winner: sweetmimi
    Runner up: Stud

    6. Humorous Chashma

    Winner: Susu
    Runner up: Bala

    Judges award:

    Most stylish Divo (male)
    Devilsbaap / Miskozee

    Most stylish Diva (female)
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