DO you have high hopes from Drushyam Telugu Movie?

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    Drushyam Telugu Movie will be directed by Sripriya and it's been shot in god's own country, Kerala and has several beautiful locales and locations like the unique Vizianagaram, the scenic Araku Valley, and the metropolitan Hyderabad. A diversity of location continues to be kept and the makers have left no stone unturned in introducing perfection to the silver screen. It'll feature Daggubati Venkatesh in the direct characters.
    The news of the job being in the pipeline has produced a tide of exhilaration in the Telugu cinema's devotees and followers. The very thought in enraptures the crowd and are awaiting its launch to finally see what unfolds. Nonetheless, going by the type of pre-launch activities of the team, it appears that the movie only might see the bright side of success.

    If therefore, then-new standards of technicality and film making integrated with some extremely fine notions will be occur the Telugu film market. Come July, the mystery of "Drushyam Telugu movie" will duly unfold leaf by leaf, till afterward all devotees can do is sense the palpable delight of what is about to come. Looks like it's going to be a wait that is very hard.
    This year Tollywood has seen some good box office performances in the likes of Manam and though box office experts don't really believe Drushyam can surpass Manam, but it will be a worth watch that's a guaranteed.

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