Kumar Swamiji

  1. Himanshr
    Hi All Dear Friends,
    I would like to share my experience with Kumar Swamiji.

    the cosmic grace is beyond the beliefs of theism and atheism, but still benefits both. The Cosmic Sound Secrets propounded by Kumar Swamiji are also beyond all these differences. Their whole purpose is to create a protective armor around you to deflect the physical ailments or other problems away. The cosmic grace evoked by Cosmic Sound Secrets belongs to the believers of all religions, and at the same time even to the non-believers. Believing in religion is not a pre-condition to receive cosmic grace. God has not created any religion. The truth is that man created the religion, and religion in turn created divisions of theists and atheists.

    Gurudev’s mission is to share Cosmic Sound Secrets with us to help us overcome our physical, mental, and financial difficulties. It doesn’t make a difference whether the person receiving the Cosmic Sound Secrets believes in any religion or not. No one needs to be forcibly turned into a believer. Gurudev says that an atheist can be provided cosmic secrets through scientific approach. There are thousands in the West who do not believe in religion but are practicing and being benefited by the Cosmic Sound Secrets. The reason behind Gurudev’s growing appeal to the scientific mind of the West is that he opens the doors of the cosmic mysteries to all, without excluding anyone.

    In future i will give more information regarding Kumar Swamiji, he has change my whole life.

    Please feel free to make your opinion on this that would be very help full me to improve my spiritual knowledge.
    Anxiously waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards
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