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  1. ignoramusenator
    Congratulations sensi
  2. amitsush
    Congratulations sensi
  3. funky_sam
    congratulations senso
  4. basanti<<<
    congratulations senso
  5. galaxy_resident
    Congrats to sensi! You deserve it
  6. shivani2121
    sensi is a great ,neutral and best choice ...
  7. sens
    OMG!!!! thnx avdhesh sir...

    thnx iggy,amit ji,sam,basanti,sarang & shivani...

    i m sorry for late thhnx... i came here now...
  8. sens
    yeah double.. bro will keep point in mind.. i do inform spammers to online mod tooo... whenever i find.
  9. ignoramusenator
    nope amitwa. 2 thread per movie

    at all: please check new annoucement
  10. sens
    amit ji i had same doubt. clear now..

    IGGY:thnx.. will remember two threads per movie:


    thread2: movie review.

    m i right???
  11. ~ b e l l a ~
    ~ b e l l a ~
    I want to give a suggestion. Pls check how many movies english+hindi are released every week!?

    I propose a single thread for movie reviews for each week.
    atleast two diff threads for hindi and others
    how can i sticky 5-8 threads each week!?
  12. ignoramusenator
    bella jee, please check this discussion Sticky Rules: thread stricken in each sections will be reviewed by mods amid and passion.

    you may stick hot and happening threads, 5 sticky's are fair number, one of which includes 'rules'
    sticky threads have more importance in bolly and holly sections due to thread sorting rule.
    other section threads will be visible in the first page for reasonable time anyways.
  13. sens
    hi miss bells & iggy:

    No need of making all movies reviews sticky. You know which movie is most awaited & HOT topic. You can keep important movies review sticky.Iggy is right.
    i love the way u are involved. keep it up!
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