Need for Lokpal in SBF, Please discuss Seriously

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  1. invincible07
    whether u abuse someone from one id or the other...the person behind that id is you only...
  2. passion_unlimitedd
    honest_baba aka Martin

    Mere id "passion_unlimitedd" ka ek bhi abusive post dikha do, mein modship hi nehi SBF chor dunga, I PROMISE.

    doosre ids mein ban kae deta hoon for your for your satisfaction.

    For your kind information mein tumhe bata doon ki koi misuse na kar sake mera clone won IDs maine hi create karke abandon kiya huwa hai. Woh IDs se bhi ek abusive post dikha do mein modship to choro SBF hi chor dunga.

    Jo log sheeshe ke ghar me raha karte hain woh doosro ke ghar me patthar feka nehi karte

    Grow Up Martin, U have a long life ahead. Learn something from your Friday post, or yeh sirf kehne ki baatein hain ...
  3. ignoramusenator
    Passion sarkar, its better if those ids were deleted from system, sometimes wen i send you PMs, i have to double check it, cuz wen i start entering your username, all 3 comes. it happens wen my id enters also, bt not this confusing level.

    please request admin to delete those fake ids made by others duplicating your username.
  4. passion_unlimitedd
    While sending pm it shows up but I tried to find it in the members list, but it was not there. I'm confused. Actually I wanted to ban those duplicates. Will talk to Admin.
  5. basanti<<<
    same prob when i pm passion ..i told hm in vm ..from where martin got this idea ,may be, to raise this issue [about multiple ids of passion] ..
    its habit of martin ,which i observed,he pick issues,thread topics from vms,posts etc and make it big ..
    @martin u were good when sharing thing in friday posts actively taking part in threads ..ppl are using u nd u dont know that ..
    just leave behind all issues,negativity .. start afresh..u can make them friends again....all d best
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