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  1. ignoramusenator

    From Funky_sam PM:

    1) If someone posts new song with a single thread, then it's fine. But later one same user or someone are posting single link songs for same movies then we will merge them in one and edit the Subject.

    2) There will be separate threads for movie songs and music reviews.
  2. ignoramusenator
    Received from Shivani

    1) The thread to have the first movie song will be the primary thread ,and additions of the same movie songs later will be merged to it.

    2) Movie songs and Music reviews will be in one thread because of unnecessary scattering of subject.
  3. ignoramusenator
    @all: Please give your valuable suggestions on above set of rules for merging/deleting, also add more if you have.
  4. ignoramusenator
    no discussion here also?
  5. shivani2121
    these rules have been decided between me n sam ,,

    no discussions
  6. ~ b e l l a ~
    ~ b e l l a ~
    I believe we have to keep music reviews n songs in one single thread. movies ppl discuss, music is rarely discussed.

    plus unnecessary cluttering takes place!!

    actually i was gonna contact you iggy for this same thing!
    i agree with shivss..
  7. ignoramusenator
    no issues, you may merge movie songs and reviews to one thread.
    please update this in the corresponding rules thread also
  8. sens
    Good decision Miss bella & Iggy. Even I liked shivani's opinion too.
  9. ~ b e l l a ~
    ~ b e l l a ~
    I am starting a new concept in music section called members choice this month, where he/she can post the music that suits their ears...

    i have chosen alia for the debut thread....

    anybody has any suggestions?
  10. ignoramusenator
    go ahead, sounds cool.
  11. sens
    awesome latest idea bells...
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