Chit Chat

  1. ! K !
    ! K !
    Do some chat and gossip about Ana Ivanovic here friends
  2. Target
    thnxs for starting

    so y do u lot like ana
  3. abhishekghosh
    Thanks for the invi bro.....i liked her face....btw can you tell us somethng abt her??
  4. rikkuartz
    Ana a is great.
  5. Target
    hey guys help me out how can i make my thread different it has all pic and info but wht can i add to make it different if u no wht i mean
  6. rikkuartz
    Different..... hmmm u saw her match na? add ur own pics next time.......
  7. Target
    yeah but i sit at the top and it impossible u get a good shot and sometime i thought wht sides she playing and cant even see any of the platers faces LOL
  8. rikkuartz
    oh.... atleast u got to see her in person......
  9. Target
    hey guys i thinking of starting a weekly quiz
    wht im going to do is put a question out every week and you guys have a week to answer tht question
    the people tht answer the question right will earn a rep from me
    then the nect week there will be another question

    whos up for it??????

    she's da beauty wid da game...
    unlike maria...she's down to earth & her cute looks just make us admire her more n more outta respect!!
    too bad she crashed at last open...way 2 go gal...just rock it!!
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