"To serve is the nature of Divine"

"Do u want to be Divine?"
Are u a seeker?
What are u seeking for?
How can u achieve it?

Dont remain a seeker, Be the ACHIEVER.

Time has chngd & world is changing today. The life is a race & man is running all d time. He is not having time for himself.

Whn u take out sometime, say abt 15 minutes a day, it gives u an opportunity to be wid yourself. You sit at one place, whr nobody can disturb u for some time. Dont put any effort n let d things happen by its own. Let d thots come in and go out. It will not be so easy initially but regular activity will make u feel better. It is all abt spending 15 minutes wid yourself. Soon u will realize tht u are in a better position. You are able to take wise and positive decisions, able to knw yourself better, to knw d power of your own, d power of silence and also to control your thots.

Here we show u d ways to knw yourself, to be firm in whtever u do, n most importantly TO HELP OTHERS.

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