Is She Pregnant?

My girlfriend got her periods on 25th July and on 6th August we had unprotected sex we did for 2-3 times followed by an ipill which she had in 2 hours after the act. Again on 7th august we had protected sex 3 times with new condoms for each act and after each act she washed herself with water. On 13th August she had bleeding flow which was dark red in colour which she normally has durring her periods, she had pain like her periods at first which subsided in sometime and later she kept sanitary pad and had frequent bleeding of the same colour till evening with no pain. The colour of the blood was as it used to be durring her periods. She doesnt have any other symptoms of pregnancy. She has normal tiredness which she used to get daily. & on 14th August was second day where she was getting bleeding where she found out few clots (say instead of 10 clots normally she got 2-3 clots), but since last night the flow stopped and next day again she had bleeding for some time. Is she pregnant?

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