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  • Desi Girl ~ Priyanka Chopra ~

    §» Welcome to the group for ♥ Pгιγαπkα CнΘρгα ♥'s fans in Santa-Banta form «§

    ♥ тнє gяσυρ ƒσя ρяιyαηкα ¢нσρяα ℓσνєяѕ●•∙

    This is a group for all fans of this most beautiful actress and I invite all the people who admire,

    The Queen of Bollywood & The Most Beautiful Miss World Ever "Pгιγαπkα CнΘρгα".She has Stolen our hearts by her ever so magical eyes and her stress relieving smile.


    » Priyanka Chopra Biography


    Pєтηαмє - Piggy Chops , Sunshine & Mimi

    Bιятн∂αу - 18 July 1982

    Height - 5”8

    Wєιgнт - 53 Kgs

    Cσℓσυя σƒ нαιя - Black (Depends on the movie)

    Cσℓσυя σƒ єуєѕ - Dark Brown

    Pℓα¢є σƒ вιятн - Jamshedpur Bihar

    E∂υcαтισn - La Martiniere Girls College in Lucknow

    Hσввιєѕ - Singing & Writing poetry

    Acнιєνємєnт - She was first Miss India World and later Miss World in the year 2000


    So friends if u love Priyanka Chopra then please join my group !

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  • ► Kareena Kapoor - BeBo ◄

    ┼▌ ωєlcσмє тσ ○ Kαяєєחα Kapσσя ○ Fαη Clυв ▐┼

    Kareena Kapoor belongs to one of the most renowned families in Bollywood. Her parents, Randhir Kapoor & Babita Kapoor, along with her charismatic sister, Karishma, are some of the renowned members of her family.

    *¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»|…*¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»|…* *.¸¸.•´¨`»|

    Kareena Kapoor belongs to one of the most prestigious families in Bollywood, who took the plunge and managed to make a huge splash in the Hindi films industry.

    *¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»|…*¤*.¸¸.•´¨`»|…* *.¸¸.•´¨`»|



    Full Name| Kareena Kapoor

    Nickname| Bebo

    Profession| Actress

    Hair| Brown

    Height| 5'5"

    Birth Date| September 21, 1980

    Education| Currently doing Law


    Best Actress 2008 | Jab We Met

    Best Actress (Critics) | Dev(05),Omkara(07)

    Special Performance |Chameli(04)

    Her first Debut film is Refugee (2000)


    So friends if u like or love Kareena Kapoor (bebo) please join this group !

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  • No One Would ever Replace You

    I was falling off the edge

    I didnt see the point

    in living my life

    so I started to jump

    only hell lays at the bottom

    of that narrow cliff

    but I never reached it

    you grabbed me before I did

    I was confused of who I was

    but you took my hand

    instead of calling me a freak

    you held me

    you took off all the make-up

    the hollow eyes you saw through

    opened up a person

    the one I could never find

    you saw my first smile

    the beginning of not wanting to die

    no suicide

    just happiness

    you poured me out

    with the depressed hated anger

    and filled me with these words I never heard

    I Love You

    Category: Entertainment
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  • Nobody Feels My Pain

    I'll never know what it's like to be free

    Every memory sewn into my skin reminds me

    Of the pain that stops me from living

    The horrors that haunt me are unforgiving

    It's like I'm the only one with these feelings

    And with so many scars that it's revealing

    My breath starts to slow as I am thinking

    My eyes cry dust while I am dreaming

    I used to love dreams...

    Especially when I was flying

    But now it seems...

    In them, I'm always dying

    Now I am just a puppet

    Dangling from the strings

    I wonder how I missed it

    The moment I lost everything

    The pain inside slowly goes numb

    As I inject the poison in

    Every emotion becomes like one

    And I start to die within

    So why the cutting and the pain? -I have been asked

    Does it make you laugh or cry? -I live in apathy

    How long before I go insane? -A faithless task

    Do you want to die? -I have no sympathy

    I know from where I'm standing

    There is no one here but me

    I felt this from the beginning

    The cold aura of being lonely

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    Why u hurt me???????, Reason???
  • FOSLA (Frustrated One Sided Lover Association) Group

    this group is for those who loved someone who dont love them in other words one sided love.

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 22-02-2013 05:36 PM

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    one side love
  • Desi Spot

    Fulfilling your Desi Desires! ;)

    Category: Entertainment
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    Desi kuryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  • Dark Force

    No Description

    Category: Entertainment
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  • Bolly Celeb Tweets

    Read your favorite Bollywood celebrity twitter messages here.

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    You can read the twitter messages here in the group or you can request for the updates to be automatically delievered through Private Messages

    To subsribe go to your favorite celebrity page and type this : BTSUBSCRIBE

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  • DC Club


    Category: Entertainment
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  • hot and sexy babes

    this group dedicated to all hot and sexy babes

    Category: Entertainment
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