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  • No One Would ever Replace You

    I was falling off the edge

    I didnt see the point

    in living my life

    so I started to jump

    only hell lays at the bottom

    of that narrow cliff

    but I never reached it

    you grabbed me before I did

    I was confused of who I was

    but you took my hand

    instead of calling me a freak

    you held me

    you took off all the make-up

    the hollow eyes you saw through

    opened up a person

    the one I could never find

    you saw my first smile

    the beginning of not wanting to die

    no suicide

    just happiness

    you poured me out

    with the depressed hated anger

    and filled me with these words I never heard

    I Love You

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 05-07-2010 03:12 PM

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  • Nobody Feels My Pain

    I'll never know what it's like to be free

    Every memory sewn into my skin reminds me

    Of the pain that stops me from living

    The horrors that haunt me are unforgiving

    It's like I'm the only one with these feelings

    And with so many scars that it's revealing

    My breath starts to slow as I am thinking

    My eyes cry dust while I am dreaming

    I used to love dreams...

    Especially when I was flying

    But now it seems...

    In them, I'm always dying

    Now I am just a puppet

    Dangling from the strings

    I wonder how I missed it

    The moment I lost everything

    The pain inside slowly goes numb

    As I inject the poison in

    Every emotion becomes like one

    And I start to die within

    So why the cutting and the pain? -I have been asked

    Does it make you laugh or cry? -I live in apathy

    How long before I go insane? -A faithless task

    Do you want to die? -I have no sympathy

    I know from where I'm standing

    There is no one here but me

    I felt this from the beginning

    The cold aura of being lonely

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 25-04-2011 04:13 PM

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    Why u hurt me???????, Reason???
  • FOSLA (Frustrated One Sided Lover Association) Group

    this group is for those who loved someone who dont love them in other words one sided love.

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 22-02-2013 06:06 PM

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    one side love
  • Desi Spot

    Fulfilling your Desi Desires! ;)

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 22-06-2016 10:53 AM

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    Desi kuryaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
  • Dark Force

    No Description

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 27-04-2010 01:00 PM

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  • Bolly Celeb Tweets

    Read your favorite Bollywood celebrity twitter messages here.

    (Last 10 Messages)

    You can read the twitter messages here in the group or you can request for the updates to be automatically delievered through Private Messages

    To subsribe go to your favorite celebrity page and type this : BTSUBSCRIBE

    To unsubscribe go to your favortie celebrity page and type this : BTUNSUBSCRIBE

    Category: Entertainment
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  • DC Club


    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 25-12-2016 01:22 PM

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  • hot and sexy babes

    this group dedicated to all hot and sexy babes

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 13-02-2016 05:02 PM

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  • Bollywood Info Zone

    No Description

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 09-01-2013 11:43 PM

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  • Good Night Shayari in Hindi

    Cute Romantic Good Night SMS Love Sms Shayari for Someone Special, Good Night Shayari for Girlfriend Boyfriend, Beautiful Gud Night Msg in Hindi English.

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 06-01-2016 03:53 PM

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    Good Night Shayari SMS in Hindi

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  • Hot Actress Cleavage show

    bollywood and hollywood actresss cleavage photos

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 14-05-2017 10:00 PM

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  • Terrycook

    Tacticlight 360
    You should carry of keep unit where you can get it quickly, may should learn about the safety device that keeps it from discharging accidentally. Whenever use machine touch reduce costs part of your person's body or clothing you can reach, along with aim to acquire particular recognise. Squeeze or push the trigger for three to five seconds Lightstrike 360 Tactical Flashlight and when the attacked doesn't fall down, executed again. Right as the attacker is disabled, run, don't hang around. This is really a defensive weapon designed to give you period for escape or seek help.
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  • kellykumar

    Kamasutra Male Enhancement
    Another thing you have to do to stop your e . d . is notice if could change your lifestyle up slightly. Lay there are various junk food, too much caffeine, and sugar you have to to exercise session. This should an individual to to get harder *****ions because it will get the blood flowing much very much. Start eating blood enhancing foods as better. Foods like bananas, cherries, plums, porridge, oysters and vitamins like vitamins An And Zinc also help.
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    Category: Entertainment
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  • best cleavage

    this grp is dedicated to those members who love cleavage of ladies girls but cleavage should be of good quality and up to standard......

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 06-05-2017 09:48 PM

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    Pixels Full Movie Download Free
  • Deepika Padukone

    hella BEAUTIFUL!

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 29-04-2017 06:06 AM

    72 member(s)
  • Spicy

    Are spicy girls 1ly attract men but does'n entice 2 fall in lve.

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 29-04-2017 06:04 AM

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  • Hot And Sexy Indian Actress

    Hot And Sexy Indian Actress Photos,Video And etc.

    Category: Entertainment
    Last Activity: 28-04-2017 01:59 AM

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    Hot and sexy bollywood actress
  • Whatsapp @SBF

    SBF Whatsapp Community

    Category: Friendship
    Last Activity: 27-04-2017 04:45 PM

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  • shahrukh's fan club

    hi whoever say i m crazy 4 shahrukh can join ths group

    Category: Entertainment
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    Getting old in not only the bad, may find lot of good parts in it too. Obtain wiser and wiser, you learn for taking problems less seriously because you did ultimately past so next fourth. But, and there is a big but, even though your inside develops in a good way that's untrue with epidermis. You need in order to consider action to slow the maturing process down.
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    Category: Friendship
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