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Thread: Jordan Believes in Quality Sex !!!

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    Default Jordan Believes in Quality Sex !!!

    Former English glamour model Katie Price a.k.a. Jordan has revealed that where sex is concerned, her hubby Peter Andre always gets the best quality, even if it's in a limited amount.

    The talk about her sex life started only after a discussion about her having another child
    with Andre began. “I see us being together for ever. He’s my lover and my best friend. I get on with his family and he gets on with mine. He’s bloody gorgeous as well!” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

    “I know he’s always complaining that he never gets enough sex but when he does get it, it’s the best quality!” she stated. The talk started on Jordan becoming a mother again after rumours started that she was pregnant. “But we do want another four kids,” she admits.

    “I seem to conceive really easily. That’s the trouble. It’s probably why Pete doesn’t get sex very much because I know what happens when he does. I know that’ll be it - another baby!” she added.

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    but when he does get it, it’s the best quality!
    best quality


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