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Thread: Amy gets cosy with mystery man

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    Default Amy gets cosy with mystery man

    Troubled singer Amy Winehouse has been seen hitting it off with a mystery man during her holiday in St Lucia

    According to guests at the resort where she is staying, Amy has become “extremely close” to the resort worker, who is known as Matt.

    “He seems to be really easy going and funny, which Amy loves,” the Sun quoted a guest as saying. “She seems smitten. She slopes off with him whenever she can and they have been inseparable since meeting. They are about the same age and from what everyone has seen there is no doubt they have hit it off. Amy follows him around like an elf,” the guest stated.

    Amy, 25, was looking tanned and healthy as she holidayed in St Lucia with daughter Dionne Bromfield, 12, and she is said to have developed quite a close relationship with Matt.

    “People have asked him what is going on but he seems shy,” a guest said. “All he says is that Amy is lovely and the two get on very well. But everyone thinks there is a lot more to the relationship and have been watching them closely. The problem is, whenever they get together they disappear off on their own."

    “The whole thing has people in stitches because Amy has gone from Blake to Santa Claus — they couldn’t be more different. But she seems to be extremely content at the moment and that can only be a good thing,” the guest added.
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