While in an interview with Elle magazine, the stunner, who stars alongside her Leonardo DiCaprio in new movie "Revolutionary Road" (which is directed by Winslet's husband Sam Mendes), insisted that she is finally comfortable with her body, reports Showbizspy.

"I've achieved my ultimate figure. I still don't believe in this craziness for being skinny, but I eat sensibly and I don''t stuff down chocolate biscuits," the Courier Mail quoted her, as saying.

She added: "I don't go to the gym because I don't have time but I do Pilates workout DVDs for 20 minutes or more every day at home. "I guess I have to admit I do care what people think. I hate people thinking I'm some pretentious fraud."

Speaking of the difficulties involved in juggling motherhood with career, Winslet has said that she is just like "any working woman."

"Yes, my life is incredible but, oh my God. I have to work at it. It's the same for any working woman. You run and you work, you run and you work, and you try not to let anything drop,” she said.

The beauty has two Golden Globe nominations this year, one for ‘Revolutionary Road’ and the other for ‘The Reader’.