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Thread: Need your Help for my Friend - Plz advise

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    Default Need your Help for my Friend - Plz advise

    Hello Aunty & All other members,
    This is my post on this website but I hope to get a very good response. Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to all of you. My name is MK (sorry I'll use short names only). I am facing a very critical situation and I am unable to understand what should I do ? As I came through this kind of situation very first time so I think to get all of your advise what to do or which way to go so that I may come out of this situation. Hope you all will help me to come out of this situation.

    As the name suggest, the problem is about my best friend N (female). She is the girl for whom I care alot and takes pain for her. She is a very nice and sweet girl. The matter is around 6 months back when she got a sms from a unknown cell number and she replied to that sender with "whose this ?". Answer she rec was "Hello, I am Sameer. I saw you in cafe. I like you and want to be your friend". On the same day, I saw these sms's and asked her abt it and she told me the whole story. I asked one of my friend to check out whose cell number was that. I try to understand her that this is not right to talk to any person whom you don't know. You may get into trouble someday. She promised me by saying "M, I'll promise, By god, by our friendship, I'll not talk to her." After 3 months, I came to know that she was actually talking to the Sameer from the very 1st day continusally. She had not kept her promise and even not kept our friendship oath. I was shocked and make up my mind not to talk with her anymore because the girl who has no value for my friendship, there is no need of any relation but then anothergood friend (L - female) of ours make her understand and N promised both of us not to do this mistake again.
    Everything was going well from the last 3 months. Now, I come to know that she was talking to a person (bhuvan) who is friend of her friend's (Alka) boyfriend whom she dont know. She was talking with Bhuvan on daily basis and later I come to know that after promising me and L, she had called Sameer for 3-4 times and again not kept the promise. I again try to make her understand that this is not right to call or talk with any person with whom she has no relation / link, whom she dont know but she is not ready to understand.
    I am very linked to her and just wanted to protect her bt she is not ready to understand and continue to do these type of flirtness which is not good for her. She may get into trouble due to the same. Even she has started ignoring me due to Bhuvan. She is ready to break 1 year friendship for 2 weeks friendship.
    Actually she know that I care for her alot and she thought that I may get hurted after her marriage or when she left the job so she was trying to break her good image so that I may start hating her.
    My problem is that I want to make her understand that this is not right. How can I make her understand this very thing.
    Please help me to hold my friendship so that I may not loose my best friend. Hope to get your response so that I may get out of this trouble easlily.

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    Hi there,

    See, as far as I understand, she is a good friend of yours but is not committed to you in any way. Also, she seems to be pretty attracted to this Bhuvan boy.
    This is something that you must accept. There is actually, nothing that you can really do at this juncture. It will have to run its course!!Just be there for her at the moment. Frankly, you don't even know what kind of a guy this Bhuvan is, do you? You are looking at it from your perspective only!

    Give it some time. This may run its course. See, you have not defined your relationship with looks like she looks upon you as a friend only.

    Just give it some time. Thats all I can suggest at the moment!

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    y r u forcing her not to talk to someone? u have already told her that u think its not right talking to a stranger but at the end of the day the final decision is hers right? live ur life and let others live theirs..

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