BRITNEY SPEARS has been “pushed” into a comeback, according to her former music manager.

JOHNNY WRIGHT claims that Britney – who suffered a public meltdown last year – has been thrust back into the limelight purely for money-making purposes.

He is adamant the Womanizer babe should have taken extended time out from the pop circus to piece her life back together and only return when she craves success on her own terms.

In a rant that’s likely to infuriate Britney’s current manager LARRY RUDOLPH and dad JAMIE, he told America’s OK! magazine: “A comeback is not what I wish for Britney. What I wish for her is to settle down and find real happiness. “All her essential relationships have been torn apart. She’s been divorced twice, she doesn’t have custody of her kids, she’s being pushed back into being a money machine.

“I want her to be happy in her heart, then go back to the business because she wants to, not because people are convincing her she has to, or that it would be good therapy for her.” Johnny says he can already see signs Britney isn’t hungry enough to rival the likes of MADONNA.

He added: “Madonna really wants to do it. Seeing Britney do it by the numbers isn’t a good sign. It means she might not want it as much as those around her do.”