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Thread: Match Fixing Scandal

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    Angry Match Fixing Scandal

    New Delhi: Herschelle Gibbs has admitted to receiving an offer from then South Africa captain Hansie Cronje for underperforming in a cricket match in 2000. He named former player Derek Crookes among the three other players he revealed who had been involved in the case.

    The interrogation carried out by Delhi Police officials lasted for approximately two hours. "Gibbs had come and the interrogation took place in a manner in which we wanted. The investigation can now move forward," Joint Commissioner of Crime Branch Ranjit Narayan said at a press conference on Thursday.

    Gibbs has reportedly revealed three names other than the ones already known in the match-fixing case, but did not mention any Indian players involved in it. He mentioned that he was only following what his captain had told him.

    Narayan said that because police had sent their questionnaire for the investigation beforehand, it was easier for them to get the information. When Gibbs was asked if any Indian cricketers were involved, he said "I don't know."

    Gibbs also revealed that the entire South African team was offered money back in 1996, which they had refused.

    On being asked what evidences police managed to get, Narayan said Gibbs had accepted that he was offered money by former and late South Africa captain Hansie Cronje. Gibbs also said that he was involved, and the nature of the offer was to underperform. However, he did not hint whether he accepted the offer or not, neither were any bank account details disclosed during the investigation.

    Yet, Narayan said, "We can move forward with the investigation, the loopholes and gaps have been filled by this interrogation. Gibbs' lawyer will also follow it up."

    Narayan said that Gibbs "might be needed again." Gibbs' lawyer also agreed to police's request. He also said that police were looking to interrogate other former players based on the leads they got after questioning Gibbs. "We have enough information to move forward."

    "We need more evidence despite knowing that Gibbs accepted his involvement. He is however, cooperrating with us." Whether there was any transaction made, is still to be found out, Narayan said.

    Gibbs had reached the Delhi Police Headquarters along with his lawyer Peter Whelan to face an inquiry related to a match-fixing case that surfaced six years ago.

    Delhi Police also took Gibbs' voice samples to match it with the telephone records that they have. Police asked Gibbs questions that were already included in the elaborate questionnaire, and also detailed questions about his relations with bookies. The details of the interrogation will be revealed at about 1430 hrs IST.

    However, as the laboratory tests are highly scientific, it would take approximately a week's time to confirm the voice tests.

    Police aslo said that Gibbs was rather cooperative during the interrogation. Delhi Police Commissioner K K Paul had headed the interrogation team.

    Gibbs, who landed in Mumbai on Wednesday, came to Delhi on Thursday, and paid a short visit to the South African embassy before arriving at the police headquarters in New Delhi.

    A taped conversation between former South African skipper Hansie Cronje and Delhi-based bookie Sanjay Chawla, in which Cronje refers to Gibbs, has put the young cricketer in the dock

    Conversation between Hansie Cronje and Sanjay Chawla:

    Hansie Cronje: Ok. I have spoken. Yes, everything is fine. I've spoken to Gibbs, and to Williams and Strydom.

    Sanjay Chawla: Already ok. And how many runs for Gibbs?

    Hansie Cronje: Less than 20.

    Sanjay Chawla: Less than 20?

    Hansie Cronje: Ya.

    Sanjay Chawla: Ok. So, everything is according to plan. You have to score atleast 250.

    Hansie Cronje: Ya.

    Sanjay Chawla: And if you score 270, then it is off.

    Hansie Cronje: Ok. And financially the guys want 25. They want 25 each.

    Sanjay Chawla: All guys. Ok.

    Hansie Cronje: So, that's 75 for these three. And what can you pay me? I do not know how much you pay me?

    Sanjay Chawla: You say.

    Hansie Cronje: If you give me... 140 for everybody.

    Sanjay Chawla: Ok. 140 all together?

    Hansie Cronje: Ya.

    Sanjay Chawla: Ok. That's fine. And we will sort something out for the previous ones as well.

    Hansie Cronje: All right, we are on.

    It was this conversation which blew the lid off a scandal that rocked the world of cricket. The taped conversation between the two took place during the Pepsi Cup series in 2000.

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    Default Difference between Indian and SA investigation

    Despite stature of Hansie, SA authorities made him confess all his deeds. And here in India where everything started happening; nothing has been concrete. Not a single name which has been revealed and we all know how murky this game used to be.

    Everything is sellable. You just throw some money and you are off. You gun down somebody in front of 100 people; still you escape free. I hope things will change one day.

    I do not want to go off-topic. But I don’t think this investigation will lead to any revelation about our great Indian Team (Or any Indian big fish being caught). I am unable to believe that we had such a clean Team at that time.

    Being optimist I find my current Team in much better light and I feel they fight with best of their energies.

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