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Thread: Contest: 4th Member of the Month !!!

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    Default Contest: 4th Member of the Month !!!

    Hey Friends

    "Passion is energy. Feel the Power that comes from focusing on what excites you."

    So here I believe our passion is SB. And the Most exciting thing over here is MOM Contest.

    To WIN you've got to stay in the game.

    Again we are coming up with the MEMBER OF THE MONTH CONTEST 4. So the guys who could n't make up last time, this time they can grab that chance to win the Cash Prizes.

    The 3 Winners will Get the Cash Prize of Rupees 2500/- each only from the sections GD, Indian and International Celebs.

    Rules and Regulations:

    1. The contest will start from 2rd February 2009 Monday and will close on 2nd March 2009 by 5:00 pm.

    2. The Results will be declared on 3rd March 2009 Tuesday by 5:00 pm.

    3. The Winners will be selected clearly on the basis of the quality and the views of the threads.

    4. The Members has to abide the rules of the forum and No objectionable pictures should be posted and no one will insult the other members.

    5. The THREE winners will be chosen from all the sections General Discussion, Indian Celebrities and International Celebrities. One from GD, One from IC, One from International celebs.

    6. The Winners will get the Cash Prize of Rs 2500/- each from all the sections.

    7. The Admins have authority to change Rules and regulations at any Time.

    8. The Winners will be chosen by the admins only on their discretion.

    ALL THE BEST !!!
    "Value has a Value Only if its Value is Valued"

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    Reserve one 4 me pls..!!!!
    God is Really Creative....I Mean... Just Luk @ Me ...!!!

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    wAoOowWwW gR88
    I realised she was there even in the winds..
    Coz, some dust make my eyes Cry .....

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    Hi guys,

    Just registered in here

    The forum looks really cool and hope i will be able to contribute something here

    Btw just saw this contest thread and i hope i will be able to win it even when 9 days have gone past

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    Reserved Place ....
    Love the Words
    Eco friendly, Nature ke Rakshak
    Mein bhi hun

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    Great idea

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