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Thread: Naomi wants to have More Babies !

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    Default Naomi wants to have More Babies !

    Brit actress Naomi Watts has revealed that even with the hectic lifestyle she is presently leading with her two sons, Sasha, 18 months and sammy, six weeks,would not mind having another baby.

    Despite getting only four hours of sleep a month, looking after her two boys, who are both below two, Naomi, 40, is thinking of expanding her family with American actor Liev Schreiber.

    “I love babies,” the Daily Telegraph quoted her as saying.

    “I look at this little baby and, even after quite an intense birth - they say you have amnesia, as women - I would go a third. It would be nice to have a girl.

    “But you should see our house. It’s pretty chaotic right now and I keep making fun of Liev because he keeps walking around going, `No more babies, no more babies’, like Rain Man or something.

    “Everyone did warn us that it’s chaotic for the first couple of years, and we’re in that period where I’m chasing my toddler whilst feeding my baby. You’re nursing and watching your toddler climbing up on a chair or about to pull himself down on to something, and it’s pretty nerve-racking. We’ve definitely got our hands full right now,” she added.
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    Thanx for sharing.....

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    That's a good Sign...
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