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Thread: £1,265 To Meet Beyonce

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    Default £1,265 To Meet Beyonce

    Beyonce offers to meet fans for £1,265

    Beyonce is offering fans the chance to meet her backstage at her upcoming tour, for the price of £1,265. For more than 25 times the standard ticket price, the millionaire American singer is offering VIP treatment including a personal introduction.

    The "Meet and Greet" package includes entrance to a pre-show party in an "exclusive VIP room" where there will be a "specially selected luxury dinner buffet".The ticket also allows use of a complimentary bar providing a selection of quality wines, beers and soft drinks.

    After meeting Beyonce and having their photograph taken with her, the ticket holders will be able to watch her concert from a front row seat.They will also walk away with a goodie bag filled with an autographed tour book, a wristband and a one year membership to the Beyonce fan club.

    The packages are being organised by Event Travel and are available through Ticketmaster.Event Travel director Tim Smales said: "This is an expensive event but it is available to a very small number of paying customers - about 10 to 15 guests at each event.

    "It is for those who are really passionate about the artist and whose budget allows."It will be a unique, once in a lifetime experience."The whole nature of the music industry is changing to offer that little bit extra to those who can afford it and this is a real VIP affair."

    Beyonce is touring for the first time since 2007, promoting her 'I Am... Sasha Fierce' album. Standard tickets cost £49.50.She is appearing in Newcastle, Birmingham, London's O2 Arena, Manchester, Belfast, Liverpool, Sheffield and London again.

    'I Am... Sasha Fierce' is the third solo studio album Beyonce, formerly of Destiny's Child, and was released in November last year.The double album went straight in at number one on America's Billboard 200 chart, making it her third consecutive number-one album.

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    When she is coming to dubai... I m ready to pay
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    Thanx for sharing.............

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    Awesome............She can say that...
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    why would some charge for meeting fans also. they exist due to their fans!

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    thanx for sharing maam

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