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Thread: Rajasthan babus threatening me : Lalit Modi

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    Default Rajasthan babus threatening me : Lalit Modi

    Lalit Modi

    Lalit Modi on Monday opened a new front in the raging battle for control of

    Rajasthan Cricket Association when he told TOI from Mumbai that he had

    been threatened by senior bureaucrats of the Rajasthan government.

    A day after Nagrik Morcha, a local NGO, filed an FIR against him for alleged

    fraud of the Rs 6 crore IPL pledged to contribute to the chief minister’s relief

    fund in aid of the blast victims, Modi said: “Let me make it clear that till date

    I haven’t received a single copy of any complaint or an FIR against me. All I

    get is threats. Even some senior members of the bureaucracy have warned

    me against stepping into Jaipur, saying that I will be arrested.”

    Modi has taken an anticipatory bail from Bombay High Court. “Why take a

    chance? Going by the way things are happening, many more things might

    crop up,” Modi said.

    He added: “It’s amazing that a complaint is filed and within minutes it turns

    into an FIR. I would like to see in how many other cases the same gets done.

    In this case I was just a coordinator; we have receipts of payment of Rs 5.2

    crore being made. Two parties involved don’t fulfil what they pledged, and I

    can’t take the blame for the same.”

    He hinted at a vendetta being unleashed on him. “If you look at it in the

    context of the RCA constitution, the ease with which my detractors got a

    new constitution signed by some members and got it approved by the

    registrar in a matter of days, it is an indication enough that directly or

    indirectly they have a very strong backing,” Modi said.

    Earlier in the day, Modi said that if IPL doesn’t get adequate support from

    theadministration that is required to hold the event, than he will have no

    other option than to look for alternative sites. “If the game suffers, we have

    no choice but to walk out of the state.... (But) our desire is not to move out

    of Rajasthan. After putting the state on the world map of cricket we won’t

    let it die. But if someone is hell-bent to get his way through and uses power

    to get it done, than we are handicapped

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