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Thread: Teen Pregnancies

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    Default Teen Pregnancies

    I guess in the color of the recent news that a kid (13yrs) in UK has become a father. It would be a good topic to discuss.

    Teen Pregnancies.

    Some ideas to get this discussion started..

    - Is the govt. doing enough to counter teen pregnancies?
    --- Is there anything the govt. can do?

    - Sex-ed classes, do they help?
    --- Starting sex-ed classes in Kindergarten, will that help? or will it worsen the whole issue?

    - What is the reason, that this phenomenon is on the rise?
    --- Who or what is to blame?
    --- How can we avoid teen pregnancies?

    - Is the western culture to blame?
    --- does the culture even play a role in this?
    --- compare east with you think that there is something in our culture that could help the west if they would adapt it?
    --- Is it even a bigger problem in the east? (maybe not so in the limelight) ?

    - Can any other third party, play a bigger role in avoiding teen pregnancies?
    --- If yes, then how do you suggest they do it?

    Discuss on...

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    In my opinion, the government can do a lot more to avoid teen pregnancies.

    - A better sexual awareness ad/campaign is needed.
    - Perhaps some (free) classes for parents that need help on how to talk to kids about sexuality, most issues could be solved if kids could talk to their parents about it.
    - Promote safe sex. You can't stop them from having sex, so why not promote contraceptives (birth control medications, condoms and how to use them).
    - Highlight the issues young parents have to face.
    - Let young parents come to classes and let them speak to the kids, they will relate to this more than the teachers talking about it.

    Sex-ed classes are like a double edged sword, it will raise the sexual awareness but it will also make them more curious about it. Therefor education is a key factor but sex-ed classes should be given to kids in a way that they would understand it. In other words, showing a sex-ed film made in the '60s is not the right way.

    Parents should play a greater role in raising the sexual awareness along with self awareness. Parents that prohibit kids from educating themselves should be punished. I don't think that sexual awareness will necessarily increase kids having sex, on the contrary, if done properly and the kids are educated properly it could be one of the most important tools to counter these rising numbers.

    Every culture has its own problems, even east has the mist of taboo around sexuality which in many cases is even more dangerous. In west the numbers may be on the rise but in east we don't even know how many young girls get impregnated at young age. I do think that this problem is underrated in the east, the problem could be even bigger. I'm sure that many of us would be surprised if we knew the exact numbers. Let's just put it this way, no culture is safe from teen pregnancy.

    Teachers could play a greater role, or a support group where teens can get information about this. The things that young parents need to know. Key is Education and Information.

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