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Thread: Am I normal or an I over-reacting?

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    Unhappy Am I normal or an I over-reacting?

    am male doin final yr bachelors degree.,

    things changed frm 12th std....i got low onli havin little speech with my dad....i m very low in memory....i cant even remember a face or a name.....its final year but i cant remember many faces.all seems new to me........i giv things to ma frenz but i ll forget to get it back so lost many things.....i hav a lotta frenz but i know the names of my class frenz alone n not the other dept frendz....i cant even recognize my skool mates now......thr was a girl...we were both same skool but i saw her onli in 12th....butterflies flew in ma stomach....i m a shy guy so din spoke with her til now...she s ma college mate now but different department....some sed she s already lovin somebody n even worse things abt hurts a lot....i dono if its realli love or jus infatuation til now....some say she s a gud gal......

    one side i m thinknin abt proposin to her.....but in another side i m thinknin if i luv i cant concentratre in my career....i don lik software n othr jobs am interested in animation...i hav an idea of doin course in it....but my parents hav already spent money on my bachelors degree, they can pay money but for this too but i feel bad.....coz tats their money na?.....actually i c a lot of movie but frm my final yr i m not seein movies frequently.....1 per week s also difficult.....feels lik wastin time......i downloaded a lot of muvis b4 but am now downloadin softwares for animation n things regarding it.....another thing s i ll keep on thinking always abt somethin......ll go out thinkin somethin lookin somewhere.....many relatives passed infront me in roads but i never noticed thm.....tis s my final semester.....i m feelin more pressure on me....i m much worried coz i rarely get time to do animation n it makes me feel that i m wastin time over other things.....
    i jus need to know 2 things....
    am i over-reacting?
    am i psycologically normal?

    i thought a lot of things but i forgot durin typin...

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    First and foremost, you stop worrying about if you are 'normal' or not. During our growing up years, many of us have many traumas and issues that we go through and sometimes we end up feeling inadequate. We can also become escapists, go into a world of our own, create our own reality, get defienat with our parents and many other things.

    Sometimes we can handle it on our own and sometimes we need the help of a trained professional.

    My question to you is, have you talked about your insecurities to your parents or to any other responsible adult?

    If you have not, then you should and if need be get the help of a counselor. there's nothing here that can't be straightened out.

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    i havent spoken abt it til now to ma parents.......
    is tis the situation wat every man undergo in this age? i saw my frenz n i cn c thm havin no responsibility like me.......i m thinkin alot abt my career........n i still hav no guts to speek with tat girl........i donno how to start n all........

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