i am by no means a fan of gory, bloody movies and such. what i do like is scare the pants off you, look behind your shoulder and jump at every little creak horror and suspense. Supernatural definately fits the bill. jenson and jared are totally HOT as well. take the X-files, pump it by 500%, add a family of totally hot demon hunters, lots of chills and thrills and absolutely wonderful and witty writing and there you have it. this show is scary without being over the top gory. and i love the interaction between brothres dean and sam. their lines are written so they seem loke real brothers, the things they come off with just kill me some times(lol). and it's just not same unless you're watching it at night with all the lights off. definately adds to the overall creepiness of most of the eps. Supernatural pulled me away from CSI, that's how original and exiting i feel it is. haven't missed a new ep yet. i started tuning in s3, it's not too hard to catch up, even though most of the series is tied together.