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Thread: ~ Women Pick Up Body Odour Better ~

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    Thumbs up ~ Women Pick Up Body Odour Better ~

    Women may be better at sniffing out biologically relevant information from underarm sweat, a US study suggests.

    Researchers found it was difficult to mask underarm odour when a
    woman was doing the smelling, but quite easy to do so when it was a man.

    They speculate that a woman's highly attuned smell radar might help
    her select a mate.

    The study, by Philadelphia's Monell Center, appears in Flavour
    and Fragrance Journal.

    In the study, women and men rated the strength of underarm odours,
    both alone and in conjunction with various fragrances.

    The fragrances were selected to test their ability to block underarm
    odour through a method known as olfactory cross-adaptation.

    Women perhaps need to be more discriminating when they chose
    who to mate with to produce offspring

    This occurs when the nose adapts to one odour, and then also
    becomes less sensitive to a second odour.

    Sniffed alone, the underarm odours smelled equally strong
    to men and women.

    But when fragrance was introduced, only two of 32 scents successfully blocked
    underarm odour when women were doing the smelling.

    In contrast, 19 fragrances significantly reduced the strength
    of underarm odour for men.

    Lead researcher Dr Charles Wysocki, a behavioural neuroscientist,
    said: "Taken together, our studies indicate that human sweat conveys
    information that is of particular importance to females.

    "This may explain why it is so difficult to block women's
    perception of sweat odours."

    Male smells robust

    Not only were women better smellers than men, but male
    odours were harder to block than female odours.

    Underarm odours from the two sexes did not differ in how
    strong they smelled.

    However 19% of the fragrances successfully reduced the strength of male underarm odour,
    compared to over 50% for the female equivalent.

    The volunteers first sniffed vials of underarm sweat to assess the
    strength of the odour.

    Then they continued to rate the intensity of the smell while sniffing a second fragrance for around two minutes.

    A drop in intensity ratings for the underarm odour indicated that
    the fragrance was a successful cross-adapting agent.

    Evolutionary reasons

    Dr Leslie Knapp, an expert in biological anthropology at the University of Cambridge,
    said there were good evolutionary reasons why a woman's ability to detect body odours
    should be more acute, as it could literally be an effective way to sniff out a suitable mate.

    She said: "Women perhaps need to be more discriminating when they choose
    who to mate with to produce offspring, as they invest more than males in the reproductive process.

    "Men don't need to be so choosy, they have lots of sperm, and can reproduce with lots of females,
    but once a woman reproduces with a partner she is tied up for nine months."

    Dr Knapp said there was evidence that odour gave a hint about genetic make-up.
    She highlighted HLA genes involved in the immune response.

    She said in evolutionary terms it was desirable for a women to mate with a man whose genes
    were different to hers, as this was likely to produce more robust offspring.

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    Thankz 4 sharinggggggg
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    Thanks for Sharing........
    Love the Words
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    Thanx for sharing...........

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