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Thread: Padma Lakshmi BARES ALL For ALLURE !!

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    Arrow Padma Lakshmi BARES ALL For ALLURE !!

    Salman Rushdie's ex Padma Lakshmi bares
    all as she reveals The Naked Truth

    With a naked photoshoot coming up Indian model Padma Lakshmi could
    have been forgiven for putting herself on a strict diet.

    But the 38-year-old, who is author Salman Rushdie's ex, had no such concerns.

    'I think I look better when I have a little bit of weight on - my breasts are fuller,
    and I’m curvier than when I’m at my thinnest,' she tells this month's edition of U.S. magazine Allure.

    Padma was one of five models to strip for the shoot,
    which was entitled The Naked Truth.

    She said she didn't feel worried about stripping off,
    and just 'exercised an extra bit,' in preparation.

    'I tend to sleep in the nude,' she revealed. 'When I'm in my own personal space,
    I do spend time with very little on.

    'I didn’t feel any more naked without my robe. I don’t have any stigma attached to my body.'

    Padma's shoot revealed a seven-inch scar on her right
    arm - the vestige of a car accident when she was 14.

    'This is my favourite part of my body,' she said. 'I love it because it makes me a person who has an interesting past,
    and it reminds me that I can survive any pain.'

    While Padma is stripping for her art, her ex-husband recently went
    public with his new love, American actress Pia Glenn.

    Padma and 61-year-old Satanic Verses author
    Salman divorced 18 months ago.

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    Famous ex: Padma Lakshmi with her then husband, Sir Salman Rushdie, in 2004

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    Hot Share ....................
    Love the Words
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    Mein bhi hun

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    She haz hot assets

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