Mumbai and the Lakme Fashion Week could not have asked for a better fashion season gift than supermodel Naomi Campbell. Gushing over the jasmine flowers in her hotel suite, Naomi says, “As soon as I stepped in, I was taken in by the whiff. I’m going to ask my hairstylist to braid my hair with jasmine and team that look with a saree. It will look really nice then. How I love Indian culture.” She came here to walk the ramp for the Mai Mumbai – Fashion for Relief show in Mumbai, proceeds of which are intended to go to families of 26/11 victims. “I’ve visited the city many times earlier. Mumbai’s all about love and honesty to me, yes, and this was a most unfortunate incident. I felt overwhelmed and had to reach out to families whose members were victims in this attack,” she says. She explained the ‘honesty’ bit. “I was here to meet my friend Parmeshwar Godrej and lost a bracelet on my way back to the hotel after a party. My driver went back in search of it later that night. Not only did he find the bracelet, he also gave it back to me. That wouldn’t have happened in New York. It’s the simplicity of Mumbaiites that fascinates me.” Asking what Mumbaikars like to wear, she adds, “I’ve been an admirer of sarees for over 15 years now... it’s a sexy drape.” Perhaps that’s why she insists on Indian designers being invited to attend her shows around the world. She also likes Indian cuisine. “Spicy food, curries,” she smacks her lips. And she’s spiritual too. “I pray every day. These are aspects that I share with Indians. They call us West-Indians, may be this is why.”