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Thread: Farhan Akhtar Demands to Feature on Magazine Cover !

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    Arrow Farhan Akhtar Demands to Feature on Magazine Cover !

    Meherban, quadardaan, aaiye, dekhiye, Fussy Farhan ki lambi list of demands

    If you thought only A-List actors are quirky and hi-maintainance, here's an eye-opener.
    Farhan Akhtar, who has been on several magazine covers, is one fussy cover boy.

    After the actor agrees to have his face grace the cover of the magazine, the editor gets a mail from the actor or one of
    his PAs with a list of demands. And there are requests for specifics that are not subject to any change. While we understand
    why he'd want his own make-up person and hair stylist (A specific hair dresser from his wife Adhuna's salon)
    one fails to understand what stops Farhan from carrying basic things like tissues and water.

    That's not all...

    The actor even decides how much each of the staff members would be paid. There is also a fee for his driver to drive him to the venue,
    which is within city limits! Makes you wonder if the chauffeur gets paid at all or if his salary also comes from the publishers' bank accounts.

    Akhtar also asks for chocolates Twix and Mars chocolates to be stocked at the studio before he arrives for the shoot.
    No one will dare ask, 'why not bring your own?' And lest you ruffle the feathers of the temperamental actor,
    make sure you have mints ready (a particular brand) and water at room temperature. And the final request is for a box of tissues!

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