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Thread: Gearing up for the ICC T20 2009

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    I really like the idea of Pepsi First Ball Ka Captain offered by Pepsi. The idea of empowering 16 cricket fans to not only meet batting legends, but even bowl against them before every World Cup Twenty 20 match, is quite cool. To top it all, the winners will be seen bowling live on ESPN, to millions of viewers.

    To participate, we need to collect 8 specially printed “BLUE” colored crowns of Pepsi glass bottles or 4 special World Cup 500ml / 600ml PET pack labels. We should exchange them for a scratch card, at their nearest redemption centre. Details about the redemption centers can be known by calling the call center numbers 18002095888 & 02261555888. Every customer is guaranteed to win a My Can and cool Pepsi merchandize. 40 lucky ones get an all all-expense paid trip to England to watch one of the Super 8 matches, while 16 consumers can well.. bag the out- of- the- world opportunity of being the ‘FIRST BALL ka CAPTAIN’

    World Cup Twenty20 is my favorite cricketing event for the sheer amount of excitement it generates in terms of nail-biting thrills, upsets and close finishes. We saw it in 2007 and I am sure 2009 Twenty20 World Cup will be even more interesting. What’s more we get an opportunity to bowl against cricketing legends before the start of every match. 16 winners will be chosen by Pepsi in the Pepsi-First Ball Ka Captain and they will get the opportunity to bowl against cricketing greats before the start of every match.

    Other prizes include tickets to watch one of the matches of the Twenty20 World Cup, pen drives, sippers and a minimum guaranteed prize of Pepsi My Can. To take part, we need to exchange 4 specially marked labels of Pepsi 500/600ml or 8 specially marked blue crowns of Pepsi 200ml/300ml at the nearest redemption centre for a scratch card. It is a cool competition and I guess, lucky winners will really bask in the glory of being at the center of action.
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    HI Calvin,

    Yes I know about this contest and am participating the same. I am collecting the 8 special Pepsi crowns and once done I would be exchanging at the nearest redemption centre. I need to hurry up soon as the contest closes tomorrow.

    You can check more details about the contest here: ow . ly / 6M WB

    It is a very useful one, i found it on Google. They already have one winner for the Pepsi First Ball ka Captain.

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    Pepsi SPAM?
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