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Thread: IPL withdraws controversial SMS contest. Give your comments..!!

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    Default IPL withdraws controversial SMS contest. Give your comments..!!

    The IPL has withdrawn a text-messaging competition in which users

    predicted the outcome of each ball of an over for cash prizes. The game had

    come in for strong criticism from India's sports minister MS Gill over its

    similarity with gambling.

    "There was no formal complaint about the game but the minister's views were

    taken into account and the organisers have withdrawn the game," Rajiv

    Shukla, a member of the IPL's governing council and a senior BCCI official,

    told PTI.

    Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive, said he was pleased with the

    decision. "I had written to the IPL to inquire on that particular game," Lorgat

    told Cricinfo. "The developers of that game had come to see us some two

    years back, but we didn't have enough information on how it worked, so I

    had written to the IPL requesting for some more information. I'm personally

    pleased that they have recognised that perhaps it's not the right time to

    introduce something like that. Simply because I didn't know the details of the

    game, that was the discomfort."

    It's understood that the IPL and the game's promoters discontinued the game

    two days ago and are currently studying the legal aspects surrounding it

    before a final decision is taken.

    Gill had last week denounced the SMS game - though he did not refer to it by

    name - saying it amounted to gambling. "I see the commercial use of cricket

    for business gains that is going on. I am concerned at knowledgeable

    comments from serious followers of cricket about the latest venture of

    encouraging viewers to make ball by ball predictions of runs scored for

    economic gain in the shape of cash prizes," he said in a statement. "This is

    viewed as 'openly encouraging gambling and betting', which official bodies do

    not resort to, even in countries where betting is legal."

    He had reminded the BCCI of its position in the Indian sports spectrum. "The

    actions of the BCCI are bound to impact the thinking in other sports, some

    time or the other. We have already had, sometime back, a match-fixing

    scandal in the game. It seems the ICC had expressed concerns about such

    possibilities, in the IPL."

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